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Hot June leading us to much cooler July

The first couple weeks of summer were so hot that it looked like we had a long stretch of intense summer heat ahead of us.

However, after 12 days over 90 in June — even hitting 100 — we've only topped 90 three times in July. With three weeks of July under our belt and very few 90s in the forecast, we're on track for a much cooler July.

With record lows set all the way from Kansas north to Wisconsin ... where did the heat go? Turns out, it went to Kennewick, Wash. Well, maybe not exactly.

But the jet stream pattern that has a big trough of low pressure dipping south over the central U.S. also has a big ridge of high pressure lifting north over the western U.S. So, places in Oregon and Washington are under heat advisories — including Kennewick — because of highs hovering around 100.

If that ridge moves back east, we'll be back in the thick of summer. But for now, that's not in the immediate forecast. Enjoy the long break from summer heat!


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