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Dry air, cool temperatures ahead this weekend

A Canadian air mass has already moved into Northeast Kansas. Canadian air masses are typically dry and cool. Canadian air masses mean cool nights in the Kansas River Valley. Sounds great this time of year, right?

In the absence of clouds, heat will escape to space at night. The end result is a slowing of air molecules near the ground. As those molecules slow in forward speed, the air mass they encompass becomes more dense. Because those molecules are moving more slowly, they also give off less heat, and the air mass they encompass cools.

Dense, cool air will spill down river valley walls. That means when cool, dry air masses move into Northeast Kasnas — in the absence of clouds and winds — you will often find the coldest readings right in the Kansas River Valley. We are expecting cool temperature readings, especially during the morning hours, in the Kansas River Valley this weekend.

Cool, dry air also is not very unstable. You will likely not see too many clouds when a cool, Canadian air mass is overhead. You will often see a lot of sun during the day; and, a lack in clouds at night helps to reinforce the cool air mass overhead.

Great news: the cool, dry Canadian air mass means you will have a chance to turn off those air conditioners and fans this weekend. Plentiful sunshine during the day means you should be able to turn off a lot of your lights, too. The refreshing air mass gives you two for the price of one: comfortable weather and a little extra money in the pocket, too

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