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Despite the heat and humidity, there is a bright side

We often complain about the Kansas heat and humidity. Myself included. However, in one respect we can consider ourselves a bit lucky.

We all know that the worst combination is when both the temperature and the dewpoint (moisture) are high. So imagine combining the searing heat of the desert with the steamy conditions near a body of very warm water.

July 8, 2003 was ridiculous. Not in Kansas, though. In fact, we've never topped 105 on July 8th of any year. In Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, that day was a true sauna. The temperature was 108F, but the dewpoint was 95F -- closing in on enough moisture to fill your lungs with water and literally choke you. When that's combined, the heat index was an amazing 172F.

So, there's the bright side. A heat index of 105 the next couple days doesn't sound as bad now, right? Well, I tried.


TheOnlyGreyghost 12 years, 3 months ago

Thank you for that bit of perspective! I'll try to keep it in mind through the current heat wave.


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