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Steering Hurricane Bill

Hurricane Bill churns just north and east of Puerto Rico, Wednesday. Bill is a dangerous Category 4 storm. On its present course, Bill will near the U.S. East Coast in less than five days. Wednesday’s hurricane weather models are taking Bill very close to New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maine. Bill’s forward speed, combined with sufficient weather conditions, and somewhat favorable heat from the Atlantic Ocean, will likely keep Bill a major Category 3 or dangerous Category 4 storm as it nears the U.S. East Coast sometime later this upcoming weekend. Bill’s projected path has some East Coast residents a bit on the edge. There is potentially some good news for those keeping an eye on Bill, however.

Wednesday’s Midwest strong storm system will sweep off to the east by Thursday and Friday. This storm is much bigger than Bill. The large nature of this west-east moving storm system is great news for the U.S. East Coast. We call these large storms “Mid-latitude Cyclones”.

Winds from this cyclone are potentially strong enough to steer Bill back out to sea, just in time for Bill’s approach to the Northeast U.S. Coastline. It is not uncommon for a Mid-latitude Cyclones to steer hurricanes; but, at the same time, the interaction between Bill, and the west-east moving storm, may help to strengthen the latter, too. The potentially joint storm may eventually become more of a concern for Nova Scotia, those at sea in the North Atlantic, and potentially U.S.-Europe air travel, too. Stay tuned.

So, while Northeast Kansans may deal with some severe weather from our Mid-latitude Cyclone, those on the East Coast cannot wait for it to approach. With a little luck, Northeast Kansas might miss out on robust severe weather, and perhaps Bill will spare the U.S. East Coast. Fingers are crossed, folks.


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