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I was walking by the train tracks on Elm st. and i realized that the green train on the left wasn't on the tracks it was one the ground into millions of pieces. Can you please tell me what is going on?


Stacy Napier 3 years ago

They are scrapping them, and its about time that they cleaned up all the junk they have.


llitteer 2 years, 11 months ago

A bit of trivia. The area between Dearborn and Fremont and 11th west past the railroad right-of-way was originally owned by the railroad long before there was any development in that area. The railroad, built in 1867, had its first depot on the northeast side of the junction of Elm street and the railroad tracks between 1867 and about 1880, when a new depot was built south of High street between the tracks. The area between Dearborn and Fremont, 11th to the railroad, was later developed and annexed into Baldwin City as the Railroad Addition. The Elm Street bridge now being replaced and the old walking bridge over the creek were originally put in so people could get to the original depot when it was at 12th and Elm.


Stacy Napier 2 years, 11 months ago

thanks for the trivia. Also the annexation did not happen till recently. It was farm after the depot was gone. The old farm house was built in about 1920.

In another note. The railroad has been collecting junk there since the late 1800's. Well maybe just really since the Midland railroad has taken over. I wish they would put Elm street through.


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