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Election Info and my picks

To see a copy of the ballot that you will receive on November 2nd go to the following link: http://www.douglas-county.com/depts/cl/ve/ve_sampleballots.aspx You can find your precinct by entering your voter information over on the right side of the page.

So here are my picks and a short blurb on why:

UNITED STATES SENATOR Jerry Moran (R) Easy choice. Experienced legislator with moderate to right views. UNITED STATES REPRESENTATIVE 2nd DISTRICT Lynn Jenkins (R) Tough call. I really don't care for her but her opponent lacks both experience and sufficient credentials. Tom Holland or Tony Brown should take a shot at this seat next cycle. GOVERNOR AND LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR Sam Brownback(R), Jeff Colyer(R) Tom Holland doesn't have the experience (yet) for the job and Senator Brownback has definitely moderated his views. I think he is preparing for another bid for President in 2012. SECRETARY OF STATE Chris Biggs (D) No brainer. Chris Biggs is a strong prosecutor and his opponent, Kris Kobach, is a partisan hack with a single agenda.
ATTORNEY GENERAL Steve Six (D) The Attorney General's office exists to defend Kansans against fraud and the like. He has done a great job of this. His opponent (Derek Schmidt) is just riding the anti-Obama wave. I find that insufficient reason to vote for him. STATE TREASURER Dennis McKinney (D) Endorsed by the NRA to the KNEA. Not too shabby. COMMISSIONER OF INSURANCE Sandy Praeger (R) Moderate to Liberal Republican. STATE REPRESENTATIVE 10th DISTRICT Tony Brown (D) At the risk of getting Torch or Nancy Crisp to launch into some crazy diatribe again I will say that Tony has proved his values as a family man, excellent legislator, and strong supporter of our district. TerriLois is a complete fraud. No voting records, no work records, who knows how many name changes (first and last). How can someone with two divorces and no children, biological or adopted, claim to be a conservative Christian. The idea is ludicrous. Her "Lock and Load" comment was just the latest in a string of statements from a troubled and emotionally unstable person; and believe me I know about being unstable.

Judicial Retentions - I am voting to retain all the judges since I have seen no reason to do otherwise.

Constitutional Amendment 1 - No, the specific language is vaguely worded and could come back to bite us. I generally support broadening gun rights but this one states the reasons for owning a gun thereby excluding some unforeseen possibilities. It should be left alone to read simply "The people have the right to bear arms for their defense and security". If it were to change I would support the removing of "For their defense and security". That seems to me to cover the broadest possibilities.

Constitutional Amendment 2 - Yes, mental illness is not sufficient reason to deny voting privileges. Could we keep my previous comments/ravings on this amendment to just us speak out followers? Please?

So.... What are your picks? Your arguments pro and con?

October 27, 2010

Nathaniel A. Johnson


solo 4 years, 6 months ago

Ok--I will weigh in here. In a year where I am tempted to vote a straight "R" ticket because I am so opposed to President Obama's agenda, I am having to force myself to really think about each and candidate and evaluate if I really want to saddle some of our state candidates with the burden of being in the same party as Obama. So here is how my votes are going to breakdown: Republican
Moran Jenkins Kobach

Dems Holland

As for our local race for representative I am completely torn. I like Tony personally but I have had some unsettling conversations with him about the role of government and his complete lack of understanding when it comes to how business is being strangled by government regulations. He says he understands, but honestly, I don't think he does. I know Tony as being a reasonable guy, just a naive one when it comes to the dollars and sense of the business community. I also have visited with TerriLois on several occasions and agree with most of her economic viewpoints and I admire her energy level. However, something just "bugs" me about her and I can't put my finger on it. Maybe its all the nasty comments about her on Speakout ...... I still haven't decided which way I am going to vote and probably won't until I get to the voting booth. I do know however if I get one more piece of trash mail from either one of these two I am going to puke.


Nathaniel Johnson 4 years, 6 months ago

I have noticed the Tom Holland and TerriLois Gregory combination in several yards. What makes Tom Holland a good candidate for you?

I have never had a conversation about business with Tony so I don't know his positions. Lets face it, he does come from an academic background so it may be that he doesn't intuitively understand the positions of small business. Like you, I think he does listen and would vote accordingly. I think a lot of politicians in both parties are unaware of what I call the income donut hole. There is a point where a families income rises to the point where they can afford their own home and become part of the typical middle class. At this point all the hidden expenses start showing up. Property tax, homeowners insurance, daily maintenance and long term maintenance are all examples of these expenses. It used to be that the interest deductible on taxes made a big difference but now the standard deductible is so high that it really makes the transition difficult. Families that are "house poor" have been hit by the economic crisis more than most others (who haven't lost their jobs or businesses) . Many families are upside down in mortgages, making moving not an option. If your furnace goes out or some other major system, you are screwed. If politicians want to make a difference in the economy, they will need to help these people out. Lower taxes would help but a 1-5% drop in taxes is near meaningless. I would like to see some ideas that address these issues.

No kidding about the trash mail. Must mean that this race is still a tossup. I haven't received much other than 10th district stuff and one Lynn Jenkins early voter piece.

Nathaniel Johnson


Chicramblings 4 years, 6 months ago

As to the comment concerning the lack of understanding of the impact of government on business can hold true for a lot of individuals in public office. Until you have actually owned a business or been in a key role in a business whereby you are responsible for understanding, implementing and abiding by all the state and federal regulations for employment, employment benefits, sales tax, use tax, annual reports, improper payments, etc., I don't think people can understand. It is easy sometimes to dream up legislation but there needs to be a wider understanding of what it will take a business to implement and report the legislation that was just foisted upon them.

With that said, I do believe Tony listens and tries to understand. He votes based on the views of the people he represents. It is important to remember that he hears from thousands of people, so if he doesn't vote the way you feel, maybe your feeling wasn't the majority?

I would have to say, I think I am going Holland for governor. I understand the comment about experience, but I don't think Brownback is truly in touch with the roots of Kansas. As you pointed out this is just a stepping stone for him to a larger role. I want someone to lead Kansas in the best interest of Kansas, not in the best interest of his/her political career. Brownback also turned me off with his initial views, even if he has moderated them now.

Overall, some of these races are like picking from the lesser of two evils...


Nathaniel Johnson 4 years, 6 months ago

I think many people feel that way about Brownback. I certainly did. I didn't really change to supporting him until I listened to him in a debate. Tom Holland was extremely negative and partisan while Brownback came across as well spoken and thoughtful. I guess debates really do matter as I never would have supported him otherwise.


NanCrisp 4 years, 5 months ago

Tony votes based on what the Democratic Party demands. Period. As an independent, I used to think what Repubs said about "elitist liberals" was just stereotyping and hype. Then I saw Tony Brown in action. He gleefully turns a deaf ear to small businesses. Extremely disappointing, especially as I was actually glad when he was first appointed to the local City Council. What a disillusionment that became.


tiger 4 years, 5 months ago

The second constitutional amendment is in regards to voting rights of the mentally ill, not gun ownership. A "yes" vote means that the right to vote cannot be taken away by the legislature for mental illness.


Nathaniel Johnson 4 years, 5 months ago

Oops, maybe I made the case for keeping the provision. I will edit and fix. Thanks for the correction.


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