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Google maps has implemented a feature called "Street View". I was playing around with it the other day. You can basically do a real time "drive through" of Baldwin City now. It's kind of cool and creepy at the same time. If you want to check it out, do the following.

Go to http://maps.google.com Zoom into Baldwin City Click on the "Street View" tab in the upper right hand corner of the map. All of the streets in Baldwin will not be outlined in blue. Double click any of the blue lines, and you will get a picture of that area on the map. From there, you can travel NSEW and get a glimpse of the whole town.

I thought it was kind of a cool thing to share....have fun.



markdunn 6 years, 10 months ago

I detest this blog format. Sorry for the "run on" sentences on the directions. I didn't intend to post it like that. It sucks not having a preview feature before posting.


NanCrisp 6 years, 9 months ago

My daughter discovered that map about a week ago. Looks like the "video" was created last Fall sometime. I think it's creepy. How did they get street-level shots of everyone's houses unless they cased the whole town. We also tried to find the town of Whitefish, Montana, where we spent our Winter break, but it wasn't available. Apparently it's taking them a while to thoroughly document every town on the map. Big Brother is in your front yard now. Soon he will be in your living room.

And I'm really confused about the troubles people seem to be having with this format. I still see the preview, can edit what I've written, can comment on others' blogs. Technically, it works fine. But the whole forum is definitely an organizational nightmare. No one wants to have to access the blog or keep count of comments to find out whether there is any new discussion.


markdunn 6 years, 9 months ago

Nan - If you rotate the street view picture all the way down, you will see the top of the car that drives around with the camera on top of it. It's really amazing how the can do the whole panorama shot just driving around town.

And if you'll look at different areas of town, you will see that the pictures were taken at different times. The picture of my house was taken in the fall, on a Sunday. I know this because I just cleaned out my basement and there is a bunch of stuff I set out for the trash that day. However, if you go to say, the Kwik Shop, it's sunny and there are still leaves on the trees.


sawman 6 years, 9 months ago

" It sucks not having a preview feature before posting." It sure does. But you can go back to YOUR blog and edit it. It's just that no one else can edit their comment. I can see the day when a blog gets countless comments, then the blogger makes major changes in their blog leaving subsequent readers to wonder what the commenters had read and responded to. Think that's why Jeff restricts comments to some of his stories?;) There seems to be a draft feature in the software that just hasn't been implemented correctly to let one preview their blog before "publishing". With some from the old community forum filtering back, I find myself dragged kicking and screaming back, too. Google street view is cool beans Mark! I saw the article on Lawrence but hadn't checked it out yet. Looks like August/September last year. Can anyone narrow it down more?


NanCrisp 6 years, 9 months ago

It sounds like the problems come in when it's your blog. I don't have a blog, so I have no trouble with commenting on any of the others in the forum. I'm not going to test it out by starting a blog, though, 'cause I don't want to mess with success.


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