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Lost my sable and white sheltie Monday February 25, 2008 somewhere near Franklin/Douglas Co. rd. He's a shy but friendly indoor dog and is not known to leave the property. He and my other dog were let out Monday morning around 7:30am and were not to be found after. My other dog returned home later that afternoon without my sheltie. If anyone has seen him or might have traps out that would be able to tell me where to look for him I would appreciate it. I've posted flyers too. He should have his collar on with tags. His name is Tobie.
Heather 913 961 7132 or 785 594 3486

February 26, 2008

lost and missing


sawman 7 years, 1 month ago

heather's blog, forever titled "lost and missing", just like the 'blog changes request page'. Hope you find Tobie.


Wildcat94 7 years, 1 month ago

A friend of mine is also missing a dog. A German Shepherd named Stella. She was let out from her home between LeLoup and Wellsville around 8:30am on Sunday and has not returned. She was not wearing her collar at the time. Call 550-1366 if you have any information, my friend is very anxious to find her.


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