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8th & Ames

I wonder what it would take to have a pedestrian walk light installed at 8Th and Ames. As I see children from the school a couple of blocks away crossing there, I would think there would be one there. I suppose the KDOT (Kansas Death Observation Team) would object. As I cross there frequently, it is always a pleasant surprise when someone slows or even stops to let an old man cross.


TheOnlyGreyghost 6 years ago

I agree! Even better would be an overhead walkway. We had one of those at my high school so we could cross over and get to the fieldhouse. I suppose putting up money for something like that, which would help keep kids and others safe, would look too much like "socialism" to a lot of people around here, so I doubt that will ever happen.


Torch 6 years ago

Actually that's a rare good idea from you greyghost.


rateraiser 6 years ago

I've always wondered the same thing. I believe the reason they bus all the kids from firetree is because there is no safe way to cross the highway, but I could be wrong. I say install an overhead walkway or at minumum a crosswalk with a signal and center median barrier. Then stop bussing all the kids, it's less than a ten minute walk to school.

On another note....all of the crossings definately need to be repainted.

On a even another note....as a motorists you have to stop when someone is entering the crosswalk.


loosecaboose 6 years ago

In my walks for exercise in the last couple of months, I have had only two or three actually stop for me in the crosswalk at 8Th and Ames, and two of those were people I know! I do see Firetree children walking to school on that crossing.


markdunn 6 years ago

The overhead walkway is a good idea, but with all the trucks and oversized loads that come through town, I doubt that would ever happen.

I think we need another light there. Trying to turn left on 56 from either direction on 8th street is almost impossible any more.


loosecaboose 5 years, 11 months ago

We came home last night from Gardner at about 9:15 PM, and there must have been at least twenty cars north bound on eight street trying to go through that intersection. When we crossed sixth street there had been many more than that. Obviously the conference had just let out, but we have seen similar incidents at other times.


loosecaboose 5 years, 11 months ago

This evening while I was BBQ'ing, I watched a women pushing a stroller wait at least five minutes trying to cross Ames at eight street at about 5:30 PM. I suppose that she is supposed to walk two blocks east use the light, then two blocks west to the store, and then the same going home, and there is no sidewalk on the north side of Ames.


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