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Middle aged men and and their gal durn rock and roll music….

I woke up Saturday morning in one of my best moods in a long time....Beautiful morning it was...sun was shining, around 65 degrees....just an all around beautiful morning.....my son had just hugged me, and told me he loved me as he went off to a tennis tournament....this was was shaping up to be a great day....

I hop in my car...head to Kwik Shop for some coffee....

As I step back into my car, one of mine and the boys favorite songs, "Rocket Man" (a song that me and the kids have sang out-loud on more than several occasions) is on the radio....

Basking in this glorious moment, and my mood, I decided to turn it up really loud to embellish my my thoughts, and to reminisce just a little bit....about my boys, my life, etc......(I love the part where it says "Mars is not place to raise your kids...in fact it's cold as hell)

As I am driving back from Kwik Shop (at 21 mph), I noticed a Baldwin Police Officer sitting in the vacant lot across from Baldwin City Market .As any other responsible driver would do, I turn my thoughts to... , "Do I have my wallet?....do I have my license? ... Do I have my proof of insurance...do I have my seat belt on?"

After checking off all of the things that were going through my head, I thought to myself "Whew! I'm in the clear!"

As Elton was singing how it's going to be a long long time till touchdown brings him around again to find that he's not the man that he thinks he is at all....I notice these red lights in my rear view mirror....My heart was palpitating! Palpitating I tell you!

I ask the officer....in due respect..."What did I do sir?"

His response..."I'll tell tell you once I have your license"

After it was all said and done, I got learned that you can't play music so loud that if people within a 50 foot radius of your car can hear it. He told me that he was at least a hundred feet away, and he heard it. (I was like "Damn straight...this is a kick ass stereo dude")

I guess he didn't like Elton John? shrugs shoulders

Oh and by the way, this most handsome and respectful officer told me that he would give me a warning this time, but the offense carries a $100 fine.....So, if you are a soccer Mom that loves Winger, or a guy who likes to crank up "Shoot to Thrill" by AC/DC (because of that awesome drum beat at the end of the song), be careful....

Godspeed citizens! :) (just do it quietly)

September 25, 2010

I'm A Rocket Man


TheOnlyGreyghost 4 years, 7 months ago

Dang, Mark! This really chaps my ###! With scofflaws racing down my street at least 15 over the limit (no, I am not guessing--they pass me like I'm standing still when I do 30--and, yes, I have on more than one occasion requested better surveillance), we've got Occifer Dogood sitting in a parking lot waiting to pzzzz in somebody's cornflakes b/c they are happily enjoying a car stereo? Seriously?

I usually defend law enforcement, not only because they are putting their lives on the line for us (and for generally lousy compensation) every day, but also because they often get a bum rap from people who probably deserve that ticket they got or the night they spent in jail... but this is a bit much.

What it boils down to is triage... If the only offense going on were loud stereos, then, yes, issue warnings about loud stereos. But if worse things are going on, tend to them first! When nobody is hurtling down a residential, blowing off a stop sign, or entering the highway in slow motion from a side street or business, causing a hazard for those with the right of way, then rein in the loud music! Until then, go after these offenses, which I see every day in this town.

I have yet to ever see an officer stop someone for rolling out onto the highway, making those with the right of way slam on their brakes, then proceeding at 20 mph before turning left half a block down the road!! Even school buses do this with impunity. I guess they figure if your brakes fail, you'll be the one dead, so they don't care. I wonder how many times this went on in view of the Sat. morning cop before he decided that Mark's music was a threat to life and limb.

Maybe it's time to visit the PD yet again with another request that our very limited police coverage should be used to avert a real tragedy rather than the minor tragedy of Elton warbling oldies into the stratosphere! ;-)

If the police chief is aware of this forum, I'd LOVE to hear his response to Mark's good-natured comments and to my not-so-good-natured (speeding on this residential street has been a problem for over 15 years now) grumbling.

The patrolling officers can't be everywhere at once, obviously. But unless someone is a habitual stereo blaster, or has had a complaint lodged against him, wouldn't it be a better use of an officer's time to cruise some of our "quiet" streets and slow down reckless drivers before they kill someone's child? Or, here's an idea--maybe he could dedicate one day a month to warning drivers that they need to use their turn signals. That would be a full day's work, as many seem unaware that such a device exists. A few of these non-signallers might even be blasting their car stereos! A two-fer!


markdunn 4 years, 7 months ago

It wasn't that big of a deal GG. It was all in good fun. The officer was very friendly...

I'm just laughing at myself basically.... :)


sawman 4 years, 7 months ago

I can't think it was nearly as obnoxious as the thumping bass of hip hop crap that penetrates the walls of our closed up house from over 1000 feet away. Seriously, this has to audible from anywhere in this small town if the officer has a window rolled down.


TheOnlyGreyghost 4 years, 7 months ago

Mark~ Very true--the noise warning was not a big deal. The irritation, for me, is all the s*** they don't ever seem to bother with. Juxtaposed with your experience, that's a source of exasperation.


markdunn 4 years, 7 months ago

Ok. Wait a minute. I was in Sonic tonight getting a burger, and the dude in the Mustang next to me started his car, and his bass was thumping, and such....and there was an officer right behind us on the highway.....and the guy in the Mustang got to drive off......

I was listening to NPR. I'm cranking up All Things Considered next time.....


puck 4 years, 6 months ago

Agreed, Only Grey Ghost... we have a tons of college students flying down the brick streets with thumping bass rattling our windows... yet this guy is pulled over for Rocket Man?

Also, I guess you can get a free pass and do whatever you want as long as you are in a frat. You can get 100 of your closest friends and havea drunken party in the middle of the street (blocking traffic), and when the cops come, you can heckle the cops and ask them to smile into your camera phone.

Then twice a year, you can assemble all your friends and tromp down the sidewalks declaring you are the baddest MFer in the town, while you pass small children playing in the yard. And for added fun, when you get to the sorority house, you can choose really classy songs to serenade them... The more obscene the better. Nothing woos college girls more than Tenacious D's F Her Gently.

I am pretty sure if I assembled a huge group of my closest friends and serenaded the mayor like that, I would be arrested.

But dammit! Crack down on The Rocket Man!!!!!


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