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Have You Ever Had A Gun Stolen ?

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January 25, 2009

Have You Ever Had A Gun Stolen ?

I was directed to this site through a post from one of your readers who had submitted a comment on her stolen weapon. I sent her a reply but thought that I might make an official blog as well. I had a gun stolen in Nov. '08, wanting more exposure to let the word out that my rifle was HOT I launched a website specifically for that purpose. We went up on 1-02-09 and have had submissions from 24 states thus far through word of mouth on the internet. We have banner adds coming up soon on a very high traffic sportsman site so we will be growing very rapidly. Our site is FREE and submission is very simple. You can read the details of our story in full under the " Our Goals " section of our homepage. Thank you, Aaron Crowder Founder / www.stolenweapon.com