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Another great Bash! Thanks to all who work so hard to make it happen! Thumbs down, however, to the politician who wouldn't give my 8-yr. old a balloon, saying he wanted to save his helium for the "little kids". What? Since when is an 8-yr. old not a little kid?! I am SO not voting for THAT guy! ; )

September 22, 2008

Da Bash


cranky 6 years, 7 months ago

Tony would never deny a kid a balloon! It was the other one...who actually showed up on my doorstep this morning (with a campaign pamphlet, still no balloon). Maybe he'll learn not to p*ss a mom off if he wants her vote. Grrrr....


Mjanicke 6 years, 8 months ago

Who was that politician? I'm sure we would all like to know. And maybe he would like to explain the situtation. I'd like to hear the explanation. I'm sure it seemed insulting to your 8 yr old. I don't blame you. But, let's let the guy explain. If he can.


morrissey 6 years, 7 months ago

Tony Brown would of been handing out those "Kansas, as bigoted as you think" bumper stickers to the kids.


thelongestnameonthespeakoutttt 6 years, 7 months ago

For those who have not noticed, Mr. Brown has taken that sticker off of his vehicle. Why is that? He will never get my vote simply because of that sticker. Is that truely how he feels about Kansans who do not agree with him?


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