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Bringing BoydaBloc to Baldwin!

Last October, we launched a blog dedicated to defending Congresswoman Nancy Boyda from the warrantless attacks being lobbed at her from the Radical Right- with an eye to thumping her Republican challengers when we get the chance, too, of course.

Over the next several months, we've become the fastest growing political blog in Kansas and the go-to place for news and commentary regarding the hottest congressional race in the nation.

In an effort to extend our readership and engage even more people in the discussion, we're happy to announce today we're opening shop here on BaldwinCity.com. We don't post everything from the main blog here, but we'll toss up stories we think you'll find interesting- and anything that directly relates to the City of Baldwin.

So, please, join in the conversation. Read us here, and read the blog. We update (almost) daily.



March 10, 2008

BoydaBloc: The Pro- Rep. Nancy Boyda Blog


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