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March 16, 2008

Boyda speaks out on FISA, votes against retroactive immunity

On Friday, Congresswoman Nancy Boyda did something courageous. She did something brave. She did something historic. And she did what was right. Congresswoman Boyda has a clear, consistent message on FISA- we have quotes from three newspapers and video of her remarks to the Kansas Democratic Party State Convention.

March 12, 2008

Boyda signs "No Robocalls" pledge

Congresswoman Nancy Boyda yesterday signed a pledge promising not to robocall her constituents who have registered their number at StopPoliticalCalls.org during the 2008 campaign.

March 10, 2008

Boyda: "The New Center"

Congresswoman Nancy Boyda listed as one of the most moderate members of the United States House of Representatives, putting her exactly where her district is- right in the middle of the country.

March 10, 2008

Bringing BoydaBloc to Baldwin!

Bringing the fastest growing political blog in Kansas to Baldwin City. BoydaBloc- your source for news and commentary about the hottest congressional race in the country!