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atta boy Jr. and Tom

Thank you Junior & Tom for speaking up. I knew we had a planning & zoning comittee for a reason.

December 21, 2010



ksrush 4 years, 5 months ago

As a group in general the City leadership is a train wreck. From past council / Mayors to present , poor decision trumped by worse decisions have put and kept Baldwin behind the 8 ball.

I will give Tom and Jr their due credit. Through some dealings I've had with them in the past and watching them in City Council sessions, both have shown their ability to grasp decision making that effects the long and short term future of the Baldwin. That being said, the only knock against Jr is the huge nail driven in to the coffin with the vote for our "white elephant" power plant. ( that's not throwing Jr under the bus as he will be the first to admit that vote was a mistake )

Magers, seen some good ideas from you - but results ?

Bayer, does a great deal of research on many big issues, I have listened to your lines of thinking on those issues - very scary

Bonnie, If atitude is any indicator of ability you need to get out NOW !

Ken and Jeff the anti business duo. Do you guys think Baldwin will be attractive to any business / new residents in any capacity ?

High taxes overshadowed by higher utilities combined with a majority of " leadership " that either doesn't care or can't comprehend long term planning paints a grim picture.

There is a window of opportunity to reach out and get some benefit from the intermodal, are there any plans to take advantage of that or do we miss that opportunity too. Wouldn't it be nice to reopen VES / MES because of added population ? A lower tax rate sound good because of new businesses located here ?

Think this bunch is going to make it happen ?


Stacy Napier 4 years, 5 months ago

While some might agree with you and your take on the individual leadership / descisions. I would disagree with your solution. Bigger is not better and will not lower our taxes.

First point. Our high utility rates are baised partly because of our demand. So if we use more but can not generate more how will that save us money.

Second point. Increased city streets, sewer/water lines, and other services only create increased need. While the initial costs of infrastructure are mostly paid by the developer the repair/ maintenance are not. This is the cost of the city doing business. You need more police and fire services due to increased population. You need more employees to handle the services provided by the city.

The old adage of 'Bigger is Better' does not hold true here. Bigger is just bigger. If bigger is better than Kansas City MO. the largest city in the area would be the best place to live and the cheapest. Having lived there I can tell you that property tax/ earnings tax combined I paid more there and got less service. It takes 4 hours for a police officer to respond to take a simple report if they come all. The side streets never get plowed, or repaired. The list goes on and on.


ksrush 4 years, 5 months ago

While I would agree with you to some extent, I see numerous other towns our size struggling to get by. Effingham KS featured in this weeks edition of the Lawrence Journal World. Marion KS that has a billboard at the City limits " FREE LAND ". The list goes on. I dont think Baldwin is in that mode but......

Leadership, a little vision and thinking outside the box would do wonders.


Stacy Napier 4 years, 5 months ago

Leadership. I do agree with that 100%. How about some common sense thrown in there evey once and awile?


oscar 4 years, 5 months ago

Ditto ksrush. Listen to Junior, he knows what makes Baldwin work and does not let new ideas confuse him. He makes more sense than other councilmen, including Bonnie.


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