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This excerpt taken from the Baldwin Utilities Website at: http://www.baldwincity.org/cityhall/elec:

Emphasis on the asterisk lines:

"Although Baldwin City's current electrical production capacity is more than adequate to power the entire city on the hottest day of the summer, much of the electrical energy consumed by the City's residents is contracted at low rates from outside utilities with the City's own plants generating electricity at crucial peak times throughout the year. This strategy allows the City's utility to maintain considerably lower prices for its customers while maintaining an independent utility that is not entirely susceptible to outside rate hikes by other production entities.

Following this piece of website propaganda, we should have "considerably lower prices" not the other way around.

If you are interested in knowing the facts and justification behind charging up to 13 cents a kilowatt hour for your electricity or the above mentioned water prices, contact me ASAP. Next city council meeting is on September 15 at 7:30. In every agenda is a place for public comments and questions.

Now is the time to organize the citizens of Baldwin City who are concerned about the cost of their basic utilities (electric and water) and the subsequent effect that this is having on your monthly utility bill, on our current housing prices, the affordability of living here in Baldwin City and the overall effect as we go about our daily lives. We, as a group, have the ability to confront and question our elected officials at the next city hall meeting to provide the much needed answers and initiate positive change to this critical issue that is confronting all of us.

September 3, 2008

Baldwin City Utilities


brandon 6 years, 8 months ago

I would be glad to join you on the 15th at the meeting. Hopefully others will too. This town and residents is/are getting ready to meet the breaking point. The cost is no longer worth living here. But obviously, the housing market has got everyone that wants to leave, STUCK. As most can already see, our population will decrease before it ever increases again. FYI..average kansas Kilowatt hour charge is around 8 cents. If you wanna get even more upset check out my water post.


Jane 6 years, 8 months ago

I'm really surprised there are not more people commenting on Speak Out about this particular matter. I'm not a subscriber to the Baldwin City Signal but I happened to purchase last weeks' paper after spotting the "Utility complaint brings answers from city council" in the headline on the front page. I too have been very concerned with the high rates and have passed the word on to people that are looking to relocate to this community that the utilities are almost unaffordable...they'd have better luck living in Overland Park. I will be relocating out of this community in the spring to somewhere that fits my budget a little better. Although it will be hard to sell my house if the buyer wants to see average utiIity prices because it is a very small house with a very large bill. I may be speaking out of term here but I just think it's odd how each month's bill stays the same (high) whether you've taken a 2 week vacation away the house or not. It nevers goes down no matter how much you try and conserve the energy and water usage. Seems to me that that is what the meter on the sides of our houses are used for-to read the amount of energy we actually use and pay for the energy that is consumed, not an average of the highest bills. The amount of times that we are left with no electricity is phenominal. Several times out of the month, the electricity goes out during the day and remain like that for up to two hours...it's not storming, it's not snowing...but we don't have electricity...doesn't matter because the price of our bills are going to stay the same. So we're stuck in paying off a debt that was made some odd years ago, in the meantime, creating more debt along the line. Was the improvements to beautify downtown Baldwin paid for by the city of Baldwin? Seems to me like downtown was beautiful-enough without the improvements.


beevo 6 years, 7 months ago

We had lived on a farm in the Vinland area for twelve years, so we thought moving to Baldwin City wouldn’t be much of a change. “Boy” were we wrong. I was never as shocked as when I opened my first utility bill from Baldwin City. I contacted the Baldwin City Utility Office & was told there were no mistakes. In addition our natural gas bills have also increased dramatically. We could live in Lawrence, in a nice area of that city, for about $550.00 a month less than here. We currently pay over thirty dollars a day for our utilities; this includes long distance phone charges and the internet. Because of the high utilities and taxes we have been thinking about selling our home, which we love, and leaving this expensive small town. If the school tax passes we will be gone for sure.


madmuh 5 years, 9 months ago

Can someone please answer a few questions in regards to such high utility rates?

1) Why are our rates higher than average ? 2) I could accept a small percentage higher but why almost double ? 3) What are the people in charge doing about it ?


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