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Terri Lois: Just Bad for the Environment


October 19, 2010

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sawman 4 years, 7 months ago

Speaking of trash, of the two glossy flyers in the mail today one touted Tony Brown's achievements while Terri Lois' flyer was a negative ad bashing Brown. I guess she doesn't have anything positive to tell us about herself. That's understandable considering she hasn't done much of anything.

What strikes me about the campaigning in this election is all the negative ads which repeatedly mention the opponent's name. Isn't name recognition a big factor in elections? Seems to me they are shooting themselves in the foot by not putting out ads showing themselves in a positive light but instead drilling their opponent's name into people's heads.


true_bulldog 4 years, 6 months ago

I agree on the negative ads. Tired of them. I do think it's important to point out that it's not always the candidate sending them. I was frankly surprised to see the negative ads about TerriLois. Knowing Tony Brown well, I know that's not in his makeup. So I looked closer. Sure enough, they were not sent by him.

Two of them were sent by the Kansas Democratic Party and the third was sent by the Bluestem Fund. Look at the "disclaimer" at the bottom of the ads to know.

As for name recognition, I agree in theory, but the yard signs are for that. Yes, it appears that TerriLois has more signs up, but I think they're very questionable after hearing many stories regarding them. I also think it's more important about the "who" has the signs in their yards. Far and away, I see Tony's signs in the yards of people who are highly regarded. I won't name names, but that says more to me.

And, remember this, signs don't vote. We saw that in the recent mayoral election between Ken Wagner, George McCrary and Gary Walbridge. McCrary had tons of signs, but lost by a wide margin. People couldn't say no to him putting up the sign, but they either didn't vote or voted how they felt. Must have been for Wagner.


TMac 4 years, 6 months ago

So you are saying that the people who back TerriLois Gregory are NOT hghly regarded? That's alot of people that you are bashing. And as a mater of fact you are talking about me and I take a personal offense to that statement. So you are basicilly saying that the people who have Tony Brown signs in their yard are better? Your an idiot...and obviously a Tony Brown supporter. Fine, vote for who ever you want to. I've received flyers from both Tony and Terri, both stating why you should vote for them and others that are bashing the other person...and if you read the fine print down at the bottom it is not coming directly from them. The first flyer I received was from Tony Brown saying lies about Terri Lois. And to TheOnlyGreyghost; do you have a Barbie doll fixation? And calling the people who believe in her campaign 'crazed followers' is just down right idiotic. IF there were messages left on Tony's home phone, which I really doubt there was, I'd like to hear them. Give me proof. I don't know how you can say she is an ugly person, inside and out and a craven little coward without even knowing the woman. I think your looking in the mirror when you made these particular statements. YOU are a very ugly and hateful person. And people, get real.There are alot of people who go by both their names, ie: Mary Elizabeth, Tammy Sue, Buddy Ray and yes Terri Lois. There is nothing wrong with having two names...get over yourselves.


sawman 4 years, 6 months ago

"as a mater[sic] of fact...your[sic] an idiot"


TheOnlyGreyghost 4 years, 6 months ago

Dear TeriLoisMacCarpetbagger (or Friend of...)~

Your handling of the English language on Speakout is as poor as it is on TL's (or your) website. You really should consider hiring an editorial staff.

There were, indeed, nasty and hateful messages left on Tony's answering machine. Why don't you call him (you have the number) and see if you can schedule an appointment to listen to them?

You're lucky I'm not the candidate because, unlike Tony, I don't take the high road. I would have played those messages all over the district--for anyone who wanted to listen to them--until the speakers were identified. Then I would have publicized their names and let their friends, neighbors, and colleagues see what despicable scum they are. Maybe a few radio slots would have done it.

Your approach is so typically right wing.... you refuse to believe any truth that goes against your preconceived, close-minded ideas that are spoon fed to you by Glenn Beck et al. You don't want to believe that TeriLoisCarpetbagger followers, goaded by lies and a handy phone number printed on her flyer, would stoop to leaving hateful, vicious comments on a person's home answering machine? Why, then, you simply decide not to believe it! How convenient for you. It's almost magical how you can deny the truth in whatever situation you like, simply by not believing. Could you do something about world hunger and child abuse? That would be awesome.

Your type will believe whatever you want, no matter how reasonably people refute your claims. Obviously, I'm sick of being reasonable so I'll be just as nasty as the Right (a bit of their favorite medicine shouldn't hurt them, should it?). I'll leave it to others to be reasonable. I've had it. Maybe more "reasonable" people should get their backs up and stop trying to reason with the illogical and ill-informed.

As for my comments on TeriCarpetbagger's ugliness--I've read her campaign "literature" (and I use the term loosely here) and I've seen the woman. 'Nuff said.

Two suggestions, free of charge:

1) Start being truthful--your lies hurt your credibility even more than your sketchy background does. 2) Lose Dolly Parton's 1980s hair stylist, stop wardrobe shopping at the Church Bazaar Tuesday sales, and update the look, for the love of all that is holy.

Wait--one more: learn the difference (and teach your followers) between "your" and "you're." That would be a start, anyway.


TMac 4 years, 6 months ago

ohhhh, I'm so offended. your kind make me sick. do you realize that you and sawman and a couple others are the only ones that even post on here any more? and yes, I know that I am not using capital letters.. I would like to hear the messages, print them or what ever you want to do. Your and sawman are a joke. Do you know that people talk about you and make fun of your posts? get a clue, get a life and get over yourselves. so if you could see my hand I'd be giving you the middle finger wave.


TheOnlyGreyghost 4 years, 6 months ago


Thanks for a laugh on a day when the ignorant prevailed in the polls. (No surprise--dumb, half-literate crackers like you always respond to your own kind, especially when they're waving a bible in one hand and a gun in the other. Talk about cliches!) But I digress....

You perfectly illustrate my point. You're proud that you fail to punctuate or capitalize or otherwise show that you're anything BUT an ignorant cracker? Hardly know whether to laugh or cry. Seriously, though... negative comments from you and your cronies is an endorsement. Thank you!

Oh--and what are you suggesting I do? Go to Tony's house, transcribe the phone messages, and post them here for you? Seriously? So that you can stick your head further into the sand after declaring that I made up the comments?

Here's an idea, big shot: why don't you call him and ask to hear them yourself. Or are you afraid that if he agrees, you will recognize the voice of someone you (stupidly) respect, spouting hateful comments? Maybe your religious leader. Or your boss. Who knows?

It might give you a jolt if you face the truth--that right-wing nutjobs do--and did--leave nasty, below-the-belt comments on a home answering machine after being supplied the number by a lying little carpetbagger.


thelongestnameonthespeakoutttt 4 years, 7 months ago

At least Tony Brown could have thrown that in the trash and not littered. Tony, Tony, Tony. Your days are numbered. Thank God. Yes, Thank God. Oh, and thank my guns.


TheOnlyGreyghost 4 years, 7 months ago

Thank your guns? What the hell does that mean? Are you threatening Tony? His "days are numbered" and "thank your guns"?

Like all nutjobs, you should be locked up. Thanks for showing others exactly how unstable the typical tericarpetbaggerloiswhosenameisevenlongerthanyours supporter is.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of the carpetbagger, how many of you got her recent campaign trash in the mail? I know you probably were in a hurry to trash it or burn it as soon as possible, but if you took a few seconds to look at it, you would notice that she pointedly included Tony's HOME phone number on HER literature, along with an incendiary goading to her nutjob contingent to call him and let him know "what you think." (About the lies she included, with which to stir the pot.)

Nowhere on the flyer was tericarpetbagger's OWN phone number. What a craven little dirty coward. Her number (if she does indeed even have a Baldwin number) isn't even listed in the phone book. I have heard that her crazed followers obeyed their barbie blonde and have left some very ugly messages on the Brown household answering machine. How nice.

Now, Tony has always been very aboveboard and has offered up his phone number and openly invited constituents to call him with questions and concerns--so it's not a matter of the carpetbagger "outing" his number. It's a matter of the way in which she coupled his home number (she could at least have used is office one) with provocative comments just to stir up the right-wing fringe--while failing to fairly include her own number for anyone who might want to ask HER something about her candidacy.

When you call her "campaign headquarters" you get a recording. No chance of her children answering the phone and hearing hideous, ugly comments about their parent--which she invited the nutjobs to do to Tony's child. This is dirty politics and shows her to be cowardly and immoral. No surprise--reasonable people already had plenty of clues. What an ugly, ugly person she is. Inside and out.


thelongestnameonthespeakoutttt 4 years, 7 months ago

No that is not a threat on Tony Brown. There is an election in 9 days jack--, therefore his days are numbered. Everything else you type is not worth reading.


Stacy Napier 4 years, 7 months ago

She didn't have anything to put on her flyer. She even said that she hadn't done anything except work fo the rep that she does now.

He isn't listed as her backer.

She has no endorsements execpt for Lynn Jenkins. remember her. I guess Terri is the 'great white hope'


true_bulldog 4 years, 7 months ago

First off, great job on TerriLois' long name theonlygreyghost. Too funny. It is also ridiculous that she put Tony Brown's number on her flyer, but not her own. Typical. Good old "Lock and Load" TerriLois. I hope people are getting an idea of what a nut case she is.

Also funny, notwhatyouthink, on the "Great White Hope." Good point. An endorsement by Lynn Jenkins is much like endorsements from Torch and NanCrisp. Kiss of death.


TheOnlyGreyghost 4 years, 6 months ago

Alas, the gullible of Franklin Co (and some of Dg Co) enjoy being lied to. They're giving her a chance to add another name to her list: failure. It shouldn't take long--she can't even maintain a literate, professional website.

Too bad so many of the local yokels are even stupider than she is and don't know the difference. She obviously pays no attention to detail--just the kind of vague airhead we need in public office....


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