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Tony Curtis: A Meeting in the Desert

Veteran actor Tony Curtis turned 85 in June. Despite several trips to the hospital in the past few years, including a visit for asthma-like symptoms just a few days ago, Mr. Curtis continues to bounce back and keep busy. He is truly one of the last legends of Hollywood’s Golden Era. So, being a fan of early film, imagine my delight when I got to meet him!

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July 29, 2010

Along These Lines


jmyrick 4 years, 9 months ago

Interesting blog. Thanks for sharing.


TheOnlyGreyghost 4 years, 9 months ago

Wonderful piece, Curtis sounds like a real person--the younger generation of preening so-called stars should take note.

It would be hard to pin down my favorite TC movie; I love old films. The dialogue was so witty in those 40s & 50s comedies.

I recently caught the last hour of Operation Petticoat, which I probably had not seen in 20 years. I love Curtis's louche, wayward character in that one, but there's so much to be said for Some Like it Hot and his other wonderful movies... too hard to pick a favorite.

I think he should receive an honorary Oscar if it would mean something to him, but there's no shame in the fact that he didn't take home a statue back in his prime. He's in good company. The Academy has had more than a few misfires and he is not the only stellar talent Oscar overlooked. I don't even watch that annual ego fest.


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