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How do blogs differ from reader comments?

Readers can add their thoughts to content produced by BaldwinCity.com staff or by readers and guest contributors. We call those "comments," and those who comment are called "commenters."

A blog, on the other hand, is very much a reader's own column. Your blog can be original reporting, opinion pieces, questions for the community or more extensive commentary on content produced by BaldwinCity.com staff or guest contributors. If you like taking photos, your blog can be a photo blog. If you create video and upload them to YouTube, your blog could be a video blog.

Our goal is to offer readers even more freedom and space to develop their own local content or to carry on the conversations they start in response to content on BaldwinCity.com.

Post quality and content

By adding content in any form to BaldwinCity.com, you are agree to follow our Use Policy Agreement.

We respectfully ask that if you choose to blog, or comment on blogs, you maintain a civil, conscientious demeanor appropriate for a community space composed of readers of all ages and varieties of points of view.

Users who choose to violate our Use Policy will be banned from having a blog on BaldwinCity.com and, at our discretion, will have their user accounts terminated. To submit a complaint against a blog or user you believe to be in violation of our terms, send us an email stating your reasons.

What's a blog group?

To help structure our blogs section, we've created some blog groups corresponding to some of the more popular topics areas you'll find in reader comments. If you don't see a group on a subject you're interested in, go ahead and create a new one.

Removing your blog

If you no longer wish to maintain or use your blog, we can deactivate it upon request (we reserve the right to keep your blog and entries live on the site or sites it appears on as a historical community record). To make such a request, use the form on our blog changes request page.