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Kobach: Immigration bills likely in next legislative session

"....O’Neal is leaving the House to run the Kansas Chamber of Commerce...."

And there of course, you have the reason O'Neal is not "interested in the legislation." I am a Jayhawker (Wichita) transported to Arizona. The Arizona Chamber of Commerce sued Arizona all the way to the Supreme Court over our Employer Sanctions Law and Arizona prevailed.

Brownback, the "moderate" [RINO] will take my home state down the primrose path. I'm telling you all, stopping AMNESTY in Kansas is not enough - it is the same as doing nothing while cancer grows unchecked. Jayhawkers must brow beat Brownback and state legislators bloody if you want to remain UNCONQUERED - at least a few more years. The reconquistas aided by Obama and the RINOpublicans have the peddle to the metal. From here on, you are going to have to fight for your sovereignty, language, and culture - everyday.

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