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State informs Baldwin City of need to conserve water with drought

Yeah- There you go sawman !!! Just think of all that free rainwater you have missed out on the last few months!!! If I were you I'd stay up all night getting that system in place!!!

Just kidding. Woof

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Baldwin City mayor says FEMA grant details make city role in community shelter at PAC difficult

The City has an underground Civil Defense shelter behind the old power plant downtown.

Doesn't anyone know about or use it?

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Changing of the guard for Baldwin City Council

Can't wait to see who KG is.

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Man, you hate it when these pesky PUBLIC records turn up right before an election

Oli - Have you expended an equal amount of energy "investigating" the other candidates? Are they squeaky clean?

You don't want to risk your reputation as Baldwins' "most fair/unbiased, concerned citizen" do you?


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Getting ripped off and treated poorly

Not to mention-

LilBaldinone robbed a couple of his family' meals by making Dave pull off a job 3 times to answer the phone and call for parts pricing.

I hope LilBaldwinone sends Dave a ham for Xmas this year.


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Getting ripped off and treated poorly

WOW - I can't believe that no one else has jumped on here to trash Dave. I don't know just how long he has been in business, but it has to be around 20 years.

Torch - Maybe you know of someone in Key West, Florida who had a bad experience with their boat mechanic?

Oli - I'm thinking this is your write-in guy. Obviously he understands fiscal responsibility and is not afraid of being honest with the public.

Of course, I'm also wondering why no one is coming forth
with any accolades.

I'm so confused.


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Getting ripped off and treated poorly

LilBaldwinone- Oooops- You forgot to add in 2 hours of time running for parts and gas and wear on the vehicle that did the running.

Yes, friends are great to have. Dave is trying to make a living, not be your bud and do a favor.

It seems his price wasn't out of line.

As for the rude behavior, it doesn't sound like Dave, but I can see where he might have gotten a little ticked off after
your first conversation. You essentially told him that he didn't know how to do his job and that he is a thief.

Not a good way to start a relationship with a mechanic or anyone else.

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Looks like there's some truth to the rumor...


I would say that there are very few people on this planet who haven't dishonored both verbal and or written commitments at times in their lives.

It would seem, from what you have said, he is rescuing himself from "perilous" financial times, maybe he could be the "experienced" candidate that your hoping for.

By the way, I am not endorsing any of the candidates and
cannot vote as I live outside the city limits.

Yep, call the rendering wagon.


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Looks like there's some truth to the rumor...


I would like for YOU to call Dave and Jackie and discuss their personal business.

I would like for YOU to open your next post, "I just got off the phone with Dave and Jackie, they told me.....".

I don't care one whit either way about their business dealings with GM.

Last I knew, the Mayor wasn't the sole possessor of the city checkbook.

Last I knew the Mayor couldn't sign any contracts on behalf of the city without the Councils' approval.

Some of us don't decide a fellow mans past, present or future worth based on him bouncing a check at the five&dime store.

Which by the way is a legal and binding contract to pay and if you bounce one big enough, the Coppers will haul you off to jail.

So, oli, did you understand it as the Coppers told it that they hauled GM off to jail?

I suspect that there are a lot of things that get by you, oli.


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Looks like there's some truth to the rumor...

oliphant- I just noticed the title of your thread, "The Baldwin Scum Bucket".

Please refrain from being redundant, your tag, "oliphant" is sufficient.


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