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Are you kidding me? Really????????? This much time, energy and pro bono legal advice over GARBAGE?

You people need a hobbie.

As long as they arent going through your bags where they could locate personal information... then WHAT THE HELL DOES IT MATTER if they take your old kitchen chairs or broken TV?

Good God in heaven.... do we really need to fire up city council, who rarely gets much accomplished anyway, and have them pass an ordinance to protect our GARBAGE!

Our schools don't even have a working policy against bullying.... But we need a LAW for GARBAGE?

Get a life!

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SO, Now our esteemed "Leaders" say it's to big of a liability issue to use it as a "community" shelter. ARE THEY FRIGGIN SERIOUS? Grocery stores will offer shelter but not out city? And, Why were Baldwin City residents not informed of this change? Now, instead of people being in "the relative safety of their homes" they are STANDING IN THE RAIN DURING A TORNADO WARNING!
Geez! How do these people get elected?

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I stood outside the brand new tornado shelter last week, along with many other families with scared children. In the wind and rain, while the tornado sirens sounded, waiting for someone to unlock the doors... EPIC FAIL!
Why ... may I ask... did we the tax payers pay for this multimillion dollar DESIGNATED PUBLIC missal proof, bomb proof tornado proof safety shelter, and then all still die, because there is no one to let us in! How many board meetings will it take to decide who will be keeper of the stinking key?!
If every board member had a key, surely ONE of them would be able to make it to the shelter to unlock the stinking doors. Why doesn't the fire dept. have a key? C'mon People! REALLY?! Our city "Leaders" need to get it together so that their citizens, that rely on that shelter have a little better odds of surviving an actual tornado.

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