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Larger class sizes still focus of USD 348 school closing critics

Torch walked to and from school uphill - both ways. He grew up in an M.C. Escher drawing.

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Mock, Weege, Starkey win positions on Baldwin City Council

Whatever you do, do not celebrate Starkey as a win. Provisional ballots may be counted on Friday. Hayes only needs three provisional votes cast for him to be officially elected by the electorate. What a close race that one is ....

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Harris, Chapman, Christie, Wedel win Baldwin City School Board positions

Those are unofficial results. They are all unofficial until Friday's canvassing by the county commission.

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Polls open Tuesday for city, school board elections

Some cliches:

Local elections have more of an affect on your life than any federal election.

Voter turnout tomorrow will more than likely be between 15 and 20%.

Don't let those 15 to 20% dictate how you live. Get out and VOTE.

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City council candidate: Ken Hayes

Too little, too late. Good thing you set him up pretty well nine months before that salary freeze.

From November 19, 2009 Signal:

"The council approved a $2,065 per year raise for Dingman following a 40-minute executive session to review his performance. That brings his salary to $84,699."

BTW, putting your phone number at the bottom of your post is laughable. I don't know anyone who would intentionally want to talk to you -- let alone seek your input or guidance.

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City council candidate: Ken Hayes

Thank you for putting on the table the wage freeze. It's only common sense from my stand point - common sense that the current council just doesn't have.

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City council candidate: Coy Weege

Interested in hearing more about Baldwin becoming a "green city."

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School board position 3 candidate: Slade Dillon

Just wait until he tells you how he really feels. . . . .

Seriously, Baldwin, how can you not vote for Slade? He just made every other candidate for school board seem like a simple-minded talking head. None of these little asinine niceties just to get elected -- only how he honestly feels.

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Time for Baldwin City residents to Take Charge

Okay. Everyone should be switching to CFL's or LED's. The energy saved is remarkable.

Yes, there is a small trace amount of mercury in a CFL bulb and they need to be handled carefully as well as recycled properly. CFL bulbs can be recycled at Home Depot and perhaps even Wal-Mart. If you are recycling other hazardous household wastes, you may need to set up an appointment at the facility in Lawrence (near the 23rd Street overpass/Haskell University), where you may also drop off CFL's. If you happen to break a CFL, it is recommended that the occupants vacate that room for 15 minutes before clean-up.

An incandescent light bulb is basically a small heating element, with the surface reaching 350 + degrees (the filament can be thousands of degrees) . This is not only a safety issue, but also a very inefficient way to light your home. The waste heat produced from incandescent bulbs is just that - a waste.

In comparison, the surface of a CFL bulb may get to be 20 degrees -- virtually no excess waste heat being produced as a byproduct.

The only thing a incandescent bulb is good for is a Easy Baker Oven, but that's just my two cents.

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School board revisits elementary school closings

I want to see that flier posted as well.

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