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School board hears BHS girls soccer program proposal

Ouch. We speak English in our house. Yes, that's English. Get it right, dude, before you cut the program.

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BHS principals resign; Wegner retires from MSES, VES

OK. No one else is touching this. Gus retiring only makes sense. His schools are closing. Mosseman is a surprise. Never met him, but I haven't heard good things. As for Jones, I find that funny. No comment from him, eh? Why? Well, he got himself caught up in why he never should have been in this position. He is not a good example for our children. Why he was ever put in that position is beyond me. Seems he has a problem with school board clerks. Or others. Good riddance is all I can say. Should have happened years ago before he affected many students.

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School board position at-large candidate: Tony Wedel

He's got my vote.

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School board position at-large candidate: Joshua Mihesuah

He's better than Robin. That's all I can say. Anyone who votes for Robin Bayer is an idiot. Look at Josh's experience in education. Seems to be a bit more than Robin's as a taxpayer. Robin Bayer is a joke.

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School board position at-large candidate: Robin Bayer

This is pure BS. Typical of Robin. I can not begin to refute everything he's said, although I really point to his statement that his biggest qualification is that he's a taxpayer. Wow. Anyone who votes for this buffoon is a buffoon. He's the worst thing to ever happen to politics in Baldwin City. Ever.

Robin. You served on the Baldwin City Public Library Board. How did that end?

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Baldwin coping with tragic loss

Good story, Tom. Too bad it had to be done. Prayers go out to the Leonard family during this time of tragic loss. I can't imagine what they are going through. Love your children. You never know when they'll be gone. This proves that, unfortunately.

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Slates set for spring elections

Robin Bayer is a hack. He's exposed himself here. Way to go, Robin. Stupid answer. Glad everyone has called you out on it.

But to answer the real question about Dorathy, he serves at the pleasure of the board. The board wanted the bond issue, so he did what he had to do. Pure and simple. Don't blame Paul Dorathy for the bond issue. He was following orders.

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Baldwin City's sales tax collections up, down in 2010

OK, Ken and Slade. I like both of you running. I think it's great. But if you keep patting each other on the back for this and that, I'm going to ask you to get a room.

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City council denies U.S. 56 property rezoning request

Good question, loose. Way to keep them to task. It doesn't work. Even the answer-man Robin can't answer your question. I rest my case. Worst Baldwin City politician ever.

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City council denies U.S. 56 property rezoning request

You have not met Robin. That's why you can believe his BS. Anyone who has met the guy who can't look you in the eye if he wanted to, knows better. He's the worst person ever to be hoisted on the Baldwin City political scene.

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