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USDA honors Baldwin school lunch program

I'm not a huge fan of the new federal guidelines either. My kids are neither underweight, nor overweight, and they are physically active. They both would be starving if their school lunch meal was not supplemented. When they have extracurricular activities immediately following school they have to have extra calories to keep them going. While I'm glad that our district got some 'free money' (every little bit helps) I really think someone needs to reexamine the caloric intake for students that are active.

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Ohhhh, Jeffy-Boy

I liked Jeff a lot too. Unfortunately what you heard through the grape-vine is true. He is no longer with the company.

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Bake sale for Haiti is Saturday

Way to knock a fourth grader's ambitions Torch.

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BHS cross country teams qualify for state

Best of luck to both XC teams! Your season has been awesome and you make us proud!!

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MediaCom optic cable cut again; service out for unknown time

I can tell you exactly how long it was out Jeff. It went out at 8:36 am and didn't come back on until 3:56 pm. I was told the state/contractors asked Mediacom to move their lines quite some time ago and Mediacom didn't do it for a long time. When they finally did move them, they didn't mark where they moved them to.

I, for one, will not be going through this until the US 59 project is complete. Five times in six weeks...two times due to the highway...three times NOT due to the highway. I'm done with them.

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I agree...great job Baldwin City!

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Family Pass Fee

And were you privvy to the ballots Nan? I suppose you know for a fact that the 400-margin difference was by Baker students not by any community members?

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Family Pass Fee

Obviously according to a lot more people than Amy Cleavinger we can afford $10 a month. Stop your personal attacks on Amy. She has served this community and school district well and done what has been in the best interests of those entities, even if it meant she didn't agree with it personally.

The patrons spoke up and the bond issue passed. Get over it. I haven't figured out why you're still here after all of these years. You are the most unhappy citizen in this town...and please don't give the excuse of not being able to sell your house...I'm sure if you had left it on the market over the last five years that you have complained about this town, it would have sold by now.

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Yet Another Baldwin City Business Closes

One more thing...don't point out someone else's grammar/spelling errors when you posted one prior to theirs.

"Perhaps if you shared some of my experiences you would see that the City Council can't/won't crack down on these bozos, and the only hope, short of a localized case of bird flu at City Hall is to put in place a City Council that will exercise its authority, leadership, and vision and fire these clowns and replace them will folks that 1.) know what they are doing, and 2.) actually want to put in a good day's work every day."

replace them WILL folks??

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Yet Another Baldwin City Business Closes

I too have a business in this town and have worked with current city staff without complaints. I remember some of your previous posts on SpeakOut, and possibly it slips my mind, but I don't recall you specifying your experiences...just complaining about "city staff" in general.

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