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BHS football team wins 7-on-7 title; working hard during summer

It should be written: "threw the ball" not "through the ball."

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I am from Ottawa and recent talks down here have been about consolidating the Baldwin schools with Ottawa. But we don't want small town snobs from Baldwin in Ottawa.

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School board closes rural elementary schools by 5-2 vote

Yeah, who cares. It's not about whose school is best. I am not too sure it is about money/budget either. People have been trying to close the rural schools for the past 20 years. I think it might have been a combination of jealousy, money, and misunderstandings that came to the decision to close the schools. If it were about money they would just cut sports and make the student athletes pay for everything. Of course if that decision was made the legislation would jump right in. The fact of the matter is the government is to blame.

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Parents respond to possible closing of rural schools

Torch is an idiot. Some computer nerd, probably.

In a recent budget analysis, it was determined the outlying schools were 1% of the budget.

The schools in town do not have room for these students. They should remain in their communities. Mr. Dorathy and the board better think this one through if they want to keep their postiions.

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Baldwin School Board retains VES's McCune

Its about time someone pt the principal of MSES and VES in his place. He is essentially stealing money from the district at over $80,000 ayear and all he does is delegate work and take credit for awards of excellence. This district needs to consider where the budget really needs to be cut. The principal is that one.

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