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Baldwin school board clarifies busing fee

..and our taxes are paying for what? Save my the sob story blaming the governor. Every state cries about funding, but many districts nationwide never seem to have a shortage for funding pet projects.

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School board revisits elementary school closings

I'm often amazed that every year schools receive money, but it's still never enough. It's usually more than the year before, not always by percentage, thus it's a "cut". You'd think these districts weren't getting anything. School districts have less than stellar money management skills and many mismanage what is provided to them. In the good times they blow what they get rather than plan for the future. Teachers are a huge asset - no revelation here - and need to be fairly compensated, but how many administrators do these districts need? How many paid helpers do they need? I find schools to have a hiring philosophy of the feds - just hire for the sake of hiring. I voted for the primary center - my first yes vote for something like this, knowing full well they would want to pack the rural students in. Why the surprise? How long before we realize there was no foresight in building for growth? These are serious questions (not direct criticisms) that need to be considered.

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Lies and the Lying Liar School Board Members that Tell Them

Stunning! Unbelievable! Umm, not.

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Letter to the editor

History tells us Muslim extremists flew planes into US monuments (WTC symbol of American capitalism) and that Muslims worldwide danced in the streets. No, they were not from a single country as Japan was when Pearl Harbor was launched, but the agression was just as ruthless. Muslim extremists do not speak for all of Islam, just as any other extremist does not speak for a religion. Again, the intent here is not to provide education and understanding - it's to build a symbol of victory. If it means so much to this Imam then he should not have an issue building it elsewhere.

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Letter to the editor

This isn't a freedom of religion issue, and I'm tired of the press making it out to be. It's an issue of another Victory Mosque being placed at the site of vanquished Western monuments. Study your history. This is not about bridging Christian and Muslim groups in the U.S. This group did not even care to listen to Governor Patterson's offer for another location. Why is it so critical to be at this site? Rather than listen to me or anyone else, study this man's background for yourselves. Additionally, the Times is a skewed rag and will do anything to support this venture. Do moderate Muslims truly think Hamas is not a terrorist group? This man doesn't. The additional fact that taxpayer money is being spent to send this man to the Middle East is just as questionable.

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