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Brown, Holland vie for District 3 Kansas Senate seat

1776 and Goldie,

Typical right-wing nut cases attacking the so-called "Liberal Media" hyperbole. Needless to say that there are not a lot of arguments/logic supporting your case because you are spending your time attacking a journalist without consulting facts or evidence.


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Local Kansas House representative moves to Ottawa after maps redrawn

TerriLois carpetbagged into the 10th District and now she is carpetbagging into the 59th.

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Baldwin City Police Department acquires Hummer

The objective to having a Police Department is not only to investigate crimes, but also to prevent crimes from happening in the first place. From my experiences, law enforcement always seems to get a bad rap which is unfortunate since they serve and protect.

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First residents files for city council election


I think you should consider running yourself.


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Has TerriLois pulled a gun on anyone yet?

If TLG is the answer, then the question must have been stupid.

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Letters to the Editor

Torch, you could not be more wrong if you tried. We do owe it to our kids to give them the best possible education. I think you are in the huge minority on the issue of education. Not funding education is short-sighted and all the evidence shows that when we fund schools properly it isn't a cost, but an investment for the future. Your suggestion of taking out art education is off the deep-end and furthermore it is one of the pillars of the eight intelligences and one we can not afford to get rid of.

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Letter to the editor

Gee thanks, torch...I think this goes to show that you do not support public education. The education of our kids is the best gift we can give them for their futures. You look at as this costs so much money, instead why don't you look at it as this an investment in our kids.

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Letters to the Editor


The schools are bloated and over-staffed. I think most teachers in this area would find you comments outrageous. As an educator I can say that we do more with less and just to help you out a bit...last year the state of Kansas lost between 1,500-2,500 teachers. How many more people in Kansas do you want unemployed? Tom Holland has it right on education and Holland is right when it comes to Brownback's embarrassing record.

Thank you,
an Educator who supports Tom Holland

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No more beer at Wheatfield Pizza?

It seems to me that the question that was presented by arcocelli has led to things said that have nothing to do with the subject brought up. So I ask for logical answers who can help answer a few questions that I have: (1) Why does Wheat State Pizza not sell liquor and (2) has the ownership at Wheat State changed?

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Candidate forum is tonight

I hear what you are saying theonlygreyghost. Actually Coen really has a Wellsville address. Your question about Pine, trying to pin down where he lives is an even harder question to answer.

To answer your questions... (1) I don't know. (2) I think they are trying to pull a fast one on the voters.

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