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crosswalk light

Nan...Honey. I know Tony is a politician(at least for now). But "important" people are supposed to have connections, know people and be influential. On the other hand…Dolph and I go way back. Maybe I’ll give him a call. This blog s**t wears me out. I say threads! We need threads! We need threads! Uh oh. Woke Mama up.

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crosswalk light

I've had posts pulled on other sites. I don't believe I have ever had one pulled off of here. Moderators are people with opinions/feelings/beliefs/etc. Sometimes I think they, like police, interject their own feelings/beliefs into their jobs. It's all a judgement call. And sometimes...for example...I could call Peabody(Tony) a jerk. He wouldn't care...but the mods might. Not that Tony is a jerk. I'm just using him as an example cause I know him. And speaking of Speakout...this blog stuff sucks! Who decided to change from the old "thread style" site? Mama won't even read it anymore. Said she couldn't get drunk enough to read this mess. She says it's all ****ed up. They need to change it back. It's stupid and cumbersome. impotent(whoops...I mean important)! Make them change back to the old style site.

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crosswalk light

I'm never up in time to see the school crossing lights by Sonic. People do drive fast down through that area. There is quite a lot of pedestrian traffic for a couple of blocks. I've always thought 35mph was a bit high. I think 25mph between the grocery store and the Salt Mine would be a better speed limit. I was crossing from the Lodge bar one night to go to Puckett's Bar and some a$$ doing about 50mph almost hit me. I stumbled over the curb and broke the pint of Kentucky I stole out of Mama's purse!

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Is anyone up for a weather competition?

I'm too sick of this weather to do anything but want it gone! My bottle of Jack even froze a bit last night.

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Melange Apron...The true story...

The next morning? Guess what? Free breakfast! It was good too. After breakfast they showed me where the shower was located. Bet you all have never seen a shower like the one at this particular hotel. It was huge and must have had ten or twelve shower heads. Annnnnd…an attendant stands right there with you and hands you your soap(free), shampoo(free) and a CLEAN big towel.

After the shower I was shown the “lounge.” Big ol living room with a really nice big “movie theatre” size TV screen. After a bit of TV…lunch. All free. And talk about taking care of you during your stay…they even have a bellboy go with you outside to make sure nothing happens to you. The courtyard had the most beautifully woven wire fencing I’ve ever seen. Must have cost a fortune to bring in the artist/sculptor for that. The bellboy said that’s to keep the “riffraff” out so as not to bother the people staying there. Niiiicccce.

Dinner…awesome. A bit more TV and in bed early. Oh…all the rooms have decorative grating with futuristic electronic locks. You never have to worry about anyone coming into your room and bothering you in the middle of the night.

The worst part? They didn’t have a bar anywhere in this hotel. No bar? Strange. The best part? No one ever ask me to leave. Soooo…I just stayed.

But after about a year and a half (bellboy said it had been 480 days), A really nice man in a suit came to see me and explained that I was going to have to leave so as to let somebody else have a turn. I was sad to leave…but was missing Momma, Sissy and all my friends on the Signal. First order of business? A bottle of “Jack” and a look around for the nice lady who gave me a ride to the one and only vacation I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to thank her.

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Melange Apron...The true story...

Knowing I was soooo missed…it’s great to be back. Where have I been? Vacation! And it was all free!

You see…one night I was walking west up High street when this really nice woman pulled up in a fairly new (and customized) car. She parked, got out and ask me if she could assist me in any way. I was so “taken” that I walked straight into one of those guard/handrail things some genius placed strategically in front of the Lumber Company(that no longer sells lumber). She was so nice, and very well dressed (Dark blue pants suit ensemble with a wide black belt. And a large brooch.). She picked up my bottle of “Jack” and Momma’s shotgun and put them both in her car. Of course I said, “Hey…what the f**k are you doing with my stuff?” thinking she was stealing it. She said, in the voice of an Angel, “Oh…don’t worry. I’m giving you a ride.”

How nice. She helped me up and then helped me into, not the front seat, but the back seat of her car. That’ll make ya feel important. I’ve never been vertical in the back seat of a car before. She even put my seat belt on for me! I’m thinking how proud Momma would be if I brought home a nice woman like this. But she didn’t take me home.

She took me to a really nice hotel! Fanciest place I’ve ever stayed. It was huge. All concrete and stone. When we walked in the first thing I noticed was how nice and clean it was. The bellboys in the front area were all wearing crisp clean uniforms and talk about polite. I was a bit worried when they checked me in cause they had me empty my pockets and put all my stuff in a little bin. But no…they explained that at this particular hotel, they lock everything up so no one can steal your stuff. Wow. They even gave me new clothes! And talk about nice, clean state of the art rooms. Never seen anything like it. I had a HUGE room (6 X 6) all to my self! The furniture was built right into the walls. And talk about convenience? No walking down the hall or going outside to use the “restroom.” The toilet was right there in my room! Talk about “cosmopolitan!” And the bed…wait for it, wait for it…had a mattress. I was trying to think of the last time I had a mattress. To be continued...

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Melange Apron...The true story...

I'm baaaaccck! Hmmmm...the Apron. Momma says(yes she's still kicking) the place smells like flowers, grease, and is full of people who think they have more money than they do.
Hey GreyGhost(the only) they hangin? Miss me? NanCrisp...what's up?

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