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Rep. Brown files for re-election

thxs 4 the Inglish lessin.

Teach it to Someone who Wants you Worthless Advice.

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Rep. Brown files for re-election

Not Really Torch.

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Free ride over for Bulldog Days

have fun with the handful of people who are going to show up. after participating last year, alot of the people i saw there, i also saw at the b.a.c. so do they really think that people are going to pay for their gym membership and this fee for dog days. i am doubtful? i think i will save myself some money and just go to the practice fields by the high school and do a 30 minute workout.

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Criteria for Setting the Kansas House Agenda

Really TONY. Seems to me that the state of Kansas should be celebrating the success of both KU and KSU basketball. Look at all the national exposure they are bringing to our great state. Look at the two great games those teams played for the fans this year. Look at the great exposure the 2008 National Championship brought our state. Tony, with your post, I personally don't think you really care what it means for the state of Kansas. When a future representative had a "Kansas, As Bigoted As You Think" sticker on there red car, that tells me all I need to know. Respectfully, a non-supporter of yours.

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BHS football season ends with 62-0 loss

Seriously? You throw in your website? Hope the items customers purchase from your site goes to growing legal plants.

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Lots of bullpucky, very few facts.

The only change that I can truly believe in. No stellamck, I am not going to move to Canada. So get off of it.

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Brown says goodbye to council

Will you be rocking the "Kansas As Bigoted As You Think" sticker in Topeka at the Legislative session? I noticed it's been missing from your red vehicle. Good Luck up there.

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Baldwin School District voters give nod to bond issue

So if Tony Brown wins the 10th Kansas House, is he going to put his "Kansas, as bigoted as you think" sticker back on his car?

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Da Bash

For those who have not noticed, Mr. Brown has taken that sticker off of his vehicle. Why is that? He will never get my vote simply because of that sticker. Is that truely how he feels about Kansans who do not agree with him?

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Signal's new Web site is here

Nice. Real nice clark.

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