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Multiple departments battle 'complex' grassfire

I'm impressed sir you actually posted without name calling. Your points were well stated regarding the issues at hand, thank you.

Oh, by the way he was responsible for the fire as he left Baldwin and I hear he even lost smoker as well. Again, I concede you to be correct those invisible hands did take care of this matter.

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Multiple departments battle 'complex' grassfire

If he has exceptional BBQ, please tell me why he always received so many critical violations on his health inspections from the State of Kansas? This can be found on the web for everyone to look at.

As for being a restauranteur, no not at all. But I would think you would want to support your brick and mortar buildings in the community as they supply JOBS for you and your children. What does he supply?

Since you appear to be okay with food trucks in town other than special events, I will contact some vendors I know and see about them setting up in Baldwin, paying the City License Fee, pay the owners of the property rent and see how many complaints our OUTSTANDING City Council receives! At least one on the City Council will most likely reply, "it appears to be healthy, free-market competition?"

Now seriously, I have nothing against your BBQ vendor. But hasn't he had enough time to rent someplace in town and be a contributor to our town? Supply Jobs! I just do not want my food purchased from SAMS CLUB and put in a personal vehicle and transported from KC to Baldwin in an uncontrolled environment and then stored at his personal residence. And before you say don't eat there; I do not eat there paying $3.00 for a pork sandwich is not worth getting sick for. I'd rather pay Moni's price or Baldwin Cafe, Wooden Spoke they are local and supplying jobs for Baldwin.

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Hyperinflate why do you always have to reply with name calling. Are people not allowed to voice there concerns on this site? Yes, bloggers at time appear to be ruthless when calling out the City Council. However, those on the Council ran for office and know this to be part of the territory. If your not a Councilman please change the way you address fellow residents you may not agree with. Note: I'm not condemning you for your opinion as you have a right to it. On the other hand if you are a Councilman; your constituents have the right to voice opinions without your disrespect. Therefore if you are a Council member you should be required to sign your real name and not an anonymous one. If you are offended with any of my remarks, please note they were not to cause you harm or embarrassment. Only a request for kinder remarks from one blogger to another.
Thank you.

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Multiple departments battle 'complex' grassfire

Now will the City of Baldwin put a STOP to this guy selling out of a trailer every week at the grocery store???? Wake up Council you are allowing someone to sell food to the public who consistently scores bad with the Health Department. Here are some other issues I have with him being in town:

1. Unfair competition to brick and mortar establishments (who have supported this town)
2. No JOBS supplied to anyone other than himself
3. Food is prepared in his own home without a commercially licensed kitchen
4. Sales Tax can be adjusted to show a different amount than what he actually received (cash based business).
5. I cannot leave my windows open in my car when going into grocery store on days he is smoking and wind blows a certain direction.
6. Makes Baldwin look bad when driving into town seeing food truck continually.

He should be held responsible for the cost of our Fire Department and surrounding Fire Departmental costs and the cost of any damages to property he caused! He lives outside of town and does not pay real estate taxes in our community.

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Utility bills

I do sympathize with everyone on this issue. However, the solution is not to critique everyone who expresses a discomfort with something. I can assure you Bloggerboo may be the only one to express discomfort outwardly on the site; but there are many more unhappy with the rate increases who:
a) either fear harsh comments.
b) do not have the luxury or know how to blog.
c) know nothing at all about these sites.
d) figure why bother knowbody can fix it so why should I get involved or care.

Many in this town can afford the luxury of running the A/C day & night. Some may be on financial assistance. But there are many who due to higher gas prices & grocery store increases, may no longer be able to sustain the cost.

My question is do we want those who are falling upon hard times to fall between the cracks? For example: those loved ones who live on a fixed income. Some have been through hard times before and will just shut the system off trying to stay cool as long as they can survive the temperatures. But what happens if this person does not realize what is happening to their body and die?

So please start a dialogue to address methods to improve the City Utilities. Let me start by offering an idea to better work with all of our community residents:

1. Since utility bills always increase substantially in the summer, why not allow the City Utility Company to print out the individual resident utility bill for an entire year, divide it by 12 months so the bill can be averaged out? Kansas Gas Service does this and the following year will either go up a bit or down a bit.

2. Why not look into the ability of selling electricity back to the City.

3. What about rebates for securing new energy.

Can anyone tell us how much of a savings Mid-America Bank has realized from the solar roof?

What does Baker University pay per kilowat hour for energy? Has the rate they pay gone up to adjust to increases over the years? Is Baker trying to come up with alternative or better methods of their use of utilities?


We all care about this community and this is what make Baldwin Special. We care about each other and try to help where we can, we look out for each others young and old. We reach out to those who are to proud to ask for our help. We are BALDWIN CITY RESIDENTS, WE CARE!

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Concerns with regards to these people living out at the lake. They have been there for at least four months now. Baldwin City Police say it's not their responsibility and they can live there.

Here are a list of numbers to call and complain:

Mr. Kelly Rockers (in charge of this lake)

his supervisior:
Mr. John Silovsky

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, Clinton Unit
RR 1 Box 120E
Lawrence, Kansas 66044 ~ (785) 842-8562
Regional Office ~ (785) 273-6740

Better regulations regarding the camping are needed. As it currently stands they can stay there for free. Since this lake has only three outhouse facilities there are Zero showers or water facilities. These campers have made a make shift shower and they go to Sante Fe Market for free water just on the other side of Sante Fe Markets pumps.

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City council endorses County Road 1055 resolution

It appears that Mr. Starkey is the "only" member of this council who has the best interest of the community and business owners at heart!

Let me go to an old saying, "if you don't have the money in the bank, you don't spend it!" Obviously Mr. Starkey understands this concept and he is not anticipating or trying to spend money before it has been received from the increased half-cent sales tax.

As for Jason Mock, seriously this "kid" needs to get his facts straight on the routes people will use from Baldwin to Kansas University ect....

To the community as a whole ~ "if you DO NOT start attending these City Council Meetings your council members and Mayor will push through their own agenda's!" Let's hold everyone accountable and start attending these meetings. DO YOU WANT INCREASED TAXES?

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North Sixth Street Project details discussed at joint meeting

Baldwin City does NOT need a third lane!

Increased traffic on 1055 will decrease once 56 Highway is completed. The only improvement 1055 needs are SIDEWALKS on the East side of the road.

This is another case where the City Administrators & Winegar feel the need to spend money WE do not have! Now I understand this started before the new council members took office. But I do hope this new council will have the intellegence to NOT continue with a project which will cost the taxpayers of Baldwin City more than the County says they will offer.

Please do not use the excuse that people are taking 1055 to go thru Eudora for the Turnpike either. Those who live in Firetree, yes they will use this route. However, those who live in housing East of the High School will head East and take the county road (forgive me I do not know the road number) East of town North and South (Eudora/Wellsville).

Do we need taxes going up anymore? NO!
If we continue this path our Elderly will no longer be able to live in this town ~ Do YOU Care? If so please call our City Council Members and Mayor and tell them NO third lane and YES for sidewalks.

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