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Multiple departments battle 'complex' grassfire

I'm not sure what jobs you think it will create if he operates in a brick-and-mortar location. He's proven all it takes is himself to run his business. Whether it's in a building or out of his truck, he's not necessarily going to need to hire employees.

That being said, I would agree that he has an unfair advantage. He pays no property taxes and I wouldn't be surprised to find out he's not accurately reporting his sales for tax purposes. IF in fact we find out his grill started the fire, he should certainly be held responsible. I won't lose any sleep if he doesn't come back.

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Council envisions elite bedroom community, business park in Baldwin City's future


Businesses that will do well in a downtown area are typically retail, as opposed to manufacturing. Our population isn't quite large enough to support all the businesses downtown and on the highway. You'll notice there's a lot of empty space on the highway as well, not just downtown. Maybe if emphasizing Baldwin as a bedroom community is successful, some population growth will enable the town to support more retail businesses.

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Council envisions elite bedroom community, business park in Baldwin City's future

Thanks hyperinflate.

I agree showtime. I don't live in that neighborhood but it certainly seems like that tract of land is in a residential area. The Rockers tract seems to make more sense, given it's adjacent to several large, existing businesses (Heritage Tractor, Rice, Custom Mobile).

I have to say, I am happy to hear the city council trying to set forth a vision for progress and thinking optimistically about the possibilities in our city's future. I'll be curious to watch this process unfold and see how we go about achieving these goals. It may get expensive for property owners so if we're gonna do it let's get it right.

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Council envisions elite bedroom community, business park in Baldwin City's future

Maybe this is a stupid question but I guess I don't really grasp the business park concept. Can someone give me an example of an existing business park in a different city so I can get a better idea of what they're actually talking about. Thanks.

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Baldwin school board agrees to sell old elementary school

I could be wrong Jimmy but I think the $400k was just for the one story part, so the sale wasn't right on with the estimate. Nevertheless, I think it's best to sell it for what we could.

It scares me to hear anyone still saying we need nicer facilities. That's the thinking that got us into this recent round of expensive capital expenditures. BHS is a fine facility. There's nothing wrong with it that would prevent a student from getting a less than satisfactory education.

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Baldwin school board agrees to sell old elementary school

Why can't we just be happy to have sold part of this mess. Sure, $200K is less than what an "expert" said it is worth. In reality, real estate is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. I don't know of anyone else showing much interest in the property. We could have sat on this property for years before anyone else came along, and who says they would have wanted to pay $400K either. The longer it sits there, the more buyers are going to try to "lowball" us.

Don't get me wrong. I'm no fan of Dorathy or most of the decisions our school board has made in recent years and I'm not here to defend them, but in the grand scheme of things I think we're better off disposing of this property and moving on to deal with other problems.

1776 - Personally it makes sense to me to split up the properties. Who is going to want all three of those buildings. It will be much more difficult to sell them as one piece. I agree with you that selling the 3-story building won't be easy but we have to be willing to act on opportunities as they present themselves.

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Baldwin board agrees to put Marion Spring on market

The kids could really benefit from having two new auditoriums right next to each other. Let's go ahead and blow the rest of the money.


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Lumberyard Arts Center volunteers planing for Smithsonian traveling exhibit

Sounds VERY cool! Can't wait!

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The building was going to be condemned and torn down. Work has occurred on the building. In case you haven't noticed, the foundation is no longer crumbling and the glass windows aren't falling out and on to the sidewalk.

As for the investors profiting on all of this and then skipping out on the obligation to restore the are they profiting right now? There is nothing occupying it, no rent coming in. As of right now the investors are out the money they themselves have put in and haven't made any profit.

I have no doubt it will eventually be restored, hopefully to your architectural approval. I think because of its age it will have to meet historic standards set by the state. I would imagine there is a lot more to it than we realize. Part of the problem has got to be finding a tenant to occupy the space. It's not like there is a shortage of retail space in town. They'd be foolish to put a lot more money into the property without having some prospects.

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Engineering design contract spurs debate on no-bid contracts

No one is saying we should kick BG aside. If people are so concerned about not wasting money (and I share their concern), then why would we not put this up for bid? Why not make sure BG is giving us fair bids? If they are, then we would keep using them.

If we've had such a great relationship with BG for 20+ years then why did we get such shoddy work from them on the business park study? A fresh perspective may open some eyes. We may wake up and realize we could be getting a lot more for our money. There's no harm in putting these projects up for bid.

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