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Robert faces GOP foe in Senate re-election bid

Wow! Seems like if you're trying to get the GOP nod then pointing out you're related to Prez Obama wouldn't be a good way to start.

It doesn't sound like his odds are very good but it would be an absolute shame if this guy grabs any traction. Sen. Roberts is a very good man and great example of what a reasonable, common sense conservative should be. He has always carried himself with great class and he gets his opinions and influence out there without being a zealot like some of the republicans/tea party folks in Washington.

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Study finds most Baldwin City streets in good shape

This is such an absurd post. Please tell me how long someone has to live in Baldwin to be worthy of serving on the city council or school board. We need to get that written into their bylaws.

Apparently there must be a lot of ignorant Baldwinites because they keep electing these dang out-of-towners... Maybe all these unhappy voters you speak of should band together and find candidates who agree with you. Then the Baldwinites can take back their city.

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Study finds most Baldwin City streets in good shape

Well I would agree with you and greyghost that chipping and sealing it should be sufficient. Regardless of what they would hypothetically do, it is fair to make you pay for some of it.

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Study finds most Baldwin City streets in good shape

Has anyone who lives on one of these gravel streets (really just several blocks, not whole streets) ever approached the city about paving them. I've never heard of anyone doing so. I'm sure if they approached the city and were committed to footing part of the bill the city would be willing to consider it, especially if it helped get some of the commenters on here off their backs about it.

Those homeowners do need to foot some of the bill. They bought a house at a discounted price because it is on a gravel street, whereas those who live in the newer subdivisions paid more for their homes because their neighborhoods are paved with curbs and sidewalks. The developers who took the financial risk to develop those subdivisions paid for that infrastructure and past those costs on to the homeowners. It would only be fair that those living on gravel streets do the same, but again, I've never heard of any of those individuals speaking out about it.

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Eisenhower Street upgrade to get underway

Before the city/county improved 6th street from 56 hwy north, they improved the portion of 6th street from 56 hwy south. The city also remodeled downtown and re-built the women's bridge at 10th and High. The nicest park in town is adjacent to the pool and the city is getting ready to expand the library. I don't deny there is still work that could be done, but the portion of Baldwin south of hwy 56 is hardly being neglected.

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Plumberg to run for mayor, Busby won't seek re-election to school board

So you're gonna file???

Just kidding, I don't mean that in a mean way. It's understandable that few people would want to run. No one wants to make their friends and neighbors mad when they do something they disagree with. To most it's just not worth it to deal with all the critics. Would you want to run if you were a business owner? The economy is tough enough without disgruntled people "boycotting" your business because they disagree with the things you do. I know Bonnie is a business owner and I guess I commend her for running anyway, although I still can't imagine a scenario where I would vote for her as mayor.

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Baldwin City Council agenda for Monday, Nov. 19

Can anyone fill me in on what economic initiative we are working on with NEBORS, LLC?

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Kansas Belle on track for Baldwin City opening

Mr. johnson: My first dining experience at antonucci's was great and I recommend it. And before anyone makes an assumption, no, I have no vested interest in seeing it succeed, other than the interest we should all have in seeing all of Baldwin's businesses succeed.

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Baldwin City Council complete visioning 2020 exercise

I don't totally disagree with you. It is strange that most of the streets in the central and southern parts of town are without curbing and guttering. Over the long-term I think changing that would be a worthwhile use of money. However, I believe it was the developers who were responsible for putting in that infrastructure in the newer parts of town, not the city. It would be reasonable to ask people and businesses on those streets being enhanced to pay a special one-time assessment to chip in on those costs.

Also, the city hasn't damned the residents in the central part of the city. Within the last decade the city has renovated all the sidewalks and curbing downtown; repaired bridges on High and Elm streets, and prior to doing the work on 6th street north of the highway, the city did the same work on sixth street through the south part of town.

I'm happy to see the city trying to develop forward-looking goals. I hope they can strike a healthy balance between promoting job growth/improving the quality of life and keeping the cost of living from getting higher than it already is. $50 thousand seems pretty high for signs welcoming people to Baldwin. Surely these can be done cheaper than this? Give the city a $50 thousand budget and I'm sure they will find a way to spend ALL of it.

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Baldwin City 2013 budget decreases spending, increases mill levy

Can anyone explain to me what entrance and way-finding signage is, other than a $50,000 expense? Hopefully this feasibility study will be put up for bid, unlike previous city projects.

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