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School board approves Merle Venable Complex

1776: Don't assume that all school board members see things the same way.

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Twombly named 2010 BHS female senior athlete of the year

Congratulations Connor. You'll go far.

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Friend says fireworks won't fly on the Fourth

Sorry to read about this. We enjoy the show and always kick in some $. And we'd do it again if enough people wanted to try and get this to work. We had family coming in town to watch so will have to think of something else.
Just curious: does Steve do all the planning for town events himself? Is there not a committee to assist?

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State track champions

Great job BHS ladies and guys, Zuzzio, Ebel and Coaches Spielman. It would be interesting to read about Mike and Angie's competitive running days. Angie won state in many events in the 80s and both ran very fast at KU. How about a story, BCSignal?

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What was the biggest news in Baldwin City during the month of March?

Academic All Stars a close second. The Baldwin students are amazing!

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Signal wins 17 Kansas Press Association awards

Way to go.

Thanks to Jimmy for his excellent coverage of the teams and athletes.

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School board eyes budget cut possibilities

A LOT of us appreciate Kit's efforts. And great job, students.

Josh Hanson has a great future ahead of him.

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Melange Apron...The true story...

On the topic of newish BC businesses, does anyone know what's up with the thrift store that's in the old hardware store building west of McDonalds? It was hit and miss as far as quality and variety, but I did find some good stuff in there.

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BHS students win state design challenge again

Wow! Way to go and congratulations! Very inspiring to see that some of these young people are great scholars and athletes. And nice to see that the advisors are women. Great role models.

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RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program)

Great and generous idea. If you are an organized group, you should present this concept to the school board. What expertise do members of the group have? From reading to kids to talking about life experiences to specific academic topics. Tutors would be welcome. I think the teachers would appreciate having a pool of presenters to choose from. At least, I hope so.

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