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Baker women's soccer beats William Jewell, advances to Fab Four

Wow. Very cool, ladies. Congratulations and good luck.

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Baker women's soccer advances to NAIA quarterfinals

Agreed. Too bad they can't play in town. How'd the guys do?

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Baldwin High football a team of power

“Getting to destroy people... It feels good when you’re punishing people.”

wow. This is scary even for football-speak

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BHS soccer will play regional at Fort Scott

Congratulations on the win against against Ft. Scott! Great job, players and Coach Professor Mark Joslyn. We're grateful and lucky to have you. Thanks for multi-tasking.

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BHS students praise homecoming week activities

Nice pic, Jimmy.

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Sheriff’s report: Alcohol contributed to Wednesday accident near Douglas County State Fishing Lake

Drivers, inebriated and sober, kids and elders, go way too fast on that dirt road. Another driver ran off the road directly opposite this wreck and down the steep embankment just two weeks ago. Speed bumps are a good idea.

And, that stretch is not a dumping ground but sometimes looks like it. Animal carcasses, fish heads, tires, beer cans, and McDonalds and Sonic wrappers are regularly tossed out or thrown over the old bridge. Too bad since it's a pretty area.

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A male Alpaca peeks through a door on Claudia Hey's farm which was part of National Alpaca Day on Sa

Very cute photo. Do these guys spit like llamas?

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School board revisits elementary school closings

"I have talked to quite a few parents in Baldwin and the parents that are against this easily outnumber those that are for it and the ones for it are grossly misinformed on what will happen and any actual savings."

Will all due respect, Dad, you're talking to a select group of people. Regardless, everyone wants the best for ALL kids with what Baldwin can afford. "Misinformed?" You're looking in a mirror.

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School board revisits elementary school closings

Calm down. You all act like we're at war. Get a grip. No one WANTS to close the schools. Stop taking this as a personal issue. In a perfect world we'd have all sorts of neighborhood schools that are convenient to every parent. (And let's face it, that is part of the argument.) Reality is that the Baldwin school district--like every school district in the country--is having $ issues. Kids in the MS and Vinland schools will be treated with respect and compassion just like every other kid. And why do some of the posters assume athletes are mental midgets?

The assumptions about the school board members are just outrageous.


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What's your favorite breakfast cereal?

Quaker Oat Squares or oatmeal

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