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Baldwin's Valentine selected to LJWorld's All-Area Team

Nice going Dayton (who also was honored in track and field last spring), Cornell and Colton.

Signal: please don't forget other athletes who also were named LJW's All Area Teams. Kaitlyn Barnes and Ethan Hartzell first teams; Joe Pierce, Addie Dick and Fayth Peterson honorable mention cross country. Mike Spielman girls' cc coach of the year!! And, local runners who many in Baldwin know, Angel Vasquez, Luis Murillo and h.m. Diego Sanchez from DeSoto.

Nick Joslyn and Mason Bandre first team; Russell Cloon h.m. in soccer.

BHS always looks good, so what gives with the lack of attention?

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Baldwin's Valentine, Kehl bring home gold at state 4A track meet

"Tomorrow" never comes, apparently.

Congratulations to the girls' and boys' teams. Both ended up placing second in state out of dozens of teams and were only a few points from winning! Lots of medals were won in relays and individual events. It's a big deal for BHS and for Baldwin and the kids deserve a large round of applause.

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Seven Baldwin High School wrestlers earn state bids

Congratulations BHS wrestlers! To the Signal: Qualifying for state in any sport is no small feat. How about telling readers the names of the Bulldogs who qualified? Not everyone follows BHS wrestling on Facebook. These young men deserve to be recognized.

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"I know PLENTY of "country folk" and not one of them has acted in the ways that you are suggesting."

So do I and they certainly have.

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"the name calling and dividing of our community needs to cease"

And that goes for the kids, too. They learn what to say from their parents. You should remember that.

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Considering the immature behaviors of many of the “country folk,” “crazy” is a mild description. Some of them have spoken and written slanderous and libelous comments about the current board members and in-town teachers. They also have influenced their children to do the same. “Shameful” is a more apt descriptor. Of course, not everyone has participated in the smear campaign, but those who have are seriously small-minded.

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School board position at-large candidate: Joshua Mihesuah

"fell asleep?" You must have been talking.

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Third time's a charm for Baldwin High's Morgan

Congratulations Andrew. Great photo, Jimmy. The wrestlers did well this year. Well done--again-- Coach Harris.

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Letters to the Editor

I agree ksrush. Congratulations on your scholarly achievements, Brandon, and also for completing a marathon and serving as an integral part of the cross country state championship team.

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