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Five questions: Winter blues?

I've never been aware of the winter blues disorder, I only knew about the spring fatigue. Although the names are different I don't see any major <a href="http://www.guukle.com/make-a-difference/">difference</a> between these two. Also I believe that I am a lucky person because I've never been affected by these disorders. I guess that the secret is the food, full with vitamins and minerals.

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Quick-fix constitutional option to school funding ruling losing steam

It's a great news, with the extra funds the schools can do many things like: buying more supplies for students, paying higher wages to the teachers, involving the students in extracurricular activities and so on. I got my <a href="http://thescarletpawprintdesign.com/seek-an-advanced-degree-in-criminal-justice-and-nursing-in-record-time.html">criminal justice degree</a> at a school which got these funds last year. The differences were huge!

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The Leavenworth County Fair is just around the corner. To what are you most looking forward to regarding this year's fair?

I attended the Leavenworth County Fair last year. The decorations reminded me of some <a href="http://onestep4ward.com/raise-glass-guide-irelands-pubs/">pubs in Ireland</a>. In the same period I visit Ireland, the experience was unique. I loved their pubs, where you could eat and drink traditional meals and drinks.

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Filing deadline passes with no candidates for one Baldwin school board post

I like the story of the working mother. She understands better than anyone what means to <a href="http://www.qualityliferesources.com/health/healthy-eating-for-busy-students/">make sacrifices</a> for her son's education. I hope she will be elected to be part of the school board, to change the school rules and to make the city a better place to live.

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Food: Simple but sensational: Homemade chips, dip for entertaining

i enjoy your article. great job. <a href="http://www.lsnserv.com">keep it simple</a>

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