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Governor's new budget cuts per-pupil state aid to schools

So much for the "re-allocation of funds" from closing the two schools. This will pretty much expend most of those "savings."

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City council denies U.S. 56 property rezoning request

Good Luck with that one BaldwinDad. I was trying to build a house a few years back (money maker for the city), but I got so tired of arguing with Tina and the city that I finally gave up. All I wanted was to build a house on the outskirts of town, and was told I would need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on roads, cul-de-sack, sewer lines, water lines,..... I offered to split the costs with the city because I wanted the house, but they wouldn't budge. One house, all by itself, no other houses on the block (and would stay that way because I owned the entire block). I offered to match the surrounding roads and was told it wasn't good enough, they were grandfathered in and any new roads had to be bigger and better even if it was for a single house.

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School board closes rural elementary schools by 5-2 vote

And just why should we accept it and get over it? The decision had already been made, the opposition didn't like it, so they kept ranting and raving until the decision was overturned. Now you're saying that this group should just accept it and get over it when thats not at all what happened after the decision was made the first time?

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School board listens to patrons at public hearing

And what percentage of the district is going to use these practice football fields, soccer fields, baseball fields,...? So I guess the 75% (+/-) of the students who are not going to use these are supposed to not give a hoot about funding these?

I agree that the decision should be financially based. The last time I checked, sports were listed as "extra curricular," not mandatory. It would make sense to me that if its not mandatory, then let them pay for it themselves. If your child is in band, do they have to own their own instruments? Yes, or at least rent one from the school? Why not let the athletics programs support themselves? I know this is the unpopular thing to do, but to me sounds more logical.

Once the schools are closed, and a year from now we're still in the same boat, I hope everyone is on board with this idea because that will be one of the only areas left to cut, however unpopular it may be.

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School board listens to patrons at public hearing

I keep hearing this argument about 10% of the kids vs. at the expense of 90% of the kids. The last figures I heard was that this 10% of the kids were using 10% (or less) of the budget. Does that mean that this 10% kids is only worth spending 5% (or some other percentage) of the budget?

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School board hears concerns from patrons

If you go by the facts in the beloved fact finding report, The per student cost for a student at MES is just a few hundred more than a student at the Primary Center. I'm sure if it meant keeping it open, the parents of the MES would gladly pay the difference to keep it open. (Although they shouldn't have to)

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School board sets date for rural schools public hearing

Not to mention that they'll probably need that $400,000 (plus more) in a couple years to open those schools back up because we won't pass yet another school bond to allow them to expand because we're overcrowded.

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School board sets date for rural schools public hearing

Thank you for posting this Chic. Reading through a lot of this just baffles me. Baldwin schools haven't grown that much since I was a student here, but it seems as though we have twice as much administrative positions. Assistant Principals? The number of Secretaries??? Athletic Director??? Why did we keep expanding the staff, but not the number of students?

And reading through the "Close two schools" fact finding report, I think it just made my decision on which way I'm leaning. I don't see any good that could come from closing them other than maybe "trimming the fat" of some of the staff that you want to get rid of. Other than that, why would anyone close the schools if these reports tell you plain and simple that we're going to be over capacity on these new buildings that we were duped into paying for.

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Parents respond to possible closing of rural schools


"Utter crap. The children don't care where they go to school. You could put them in a barn and it wouldn't matter to them." - I don't know about the current kids that go to MSE, but I can tell you that when I was at MSE, the thought of going to school in Baldwin scared the hell out of me. I was used to my school and friends and I remember talking to older friends that were in junior high about what it was like to bus into Baldwin to join the other students when we got to 7th grade. So this statement you made must not be made from personal experience, as it is 100% false.

I'm trying to leave out my personal attachment to MSE as to whether or not I support closing the schools. I just can't see anything good that comes from closing them. I think our society as a whole has lost focus on the things that are truly important and our judgement has become clouded. Why we need positions like Athletic Directors and all the additional administrative positions that we have and find no use for a librarian baffles me. I totally agree that we overspend exponentially, but that's not due to MSE and VES, it's due to other factors of money mismanagement. I just can't believe that we are trying to cram all these students in new buildings that they don't even fit into.

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What should the Baldwin School Board do with the two rural elementary schools?

If they ( VES and MS) were somehow able to pass the vote and be able to leave the school district, I for one would do everything in my power to move out of town so I could join that school system. If I was able to move out of 348, I would at least no longer be paying on THREE school bonds at the same time.

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