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Douglas County commissioners agree to help fix Baldwin City traffic hazard

This is a no-brainer. I cannot believe the city council did not support this and I am glad the issue is still being discussed. If you have ever been unlucky enough to be waiting to make a lefthand turn onto Lawrence Street as you watch in your rear view mirror as another vehicle is zooming up over the hill only to slam on the brakes as he sees you stalled there like a sitting duck you will know exactly why this is so necessary. Come on council--- the county and KDOT will pay for most of this. This is an easy one.

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State Rep. Race

Mr. Johnston--again, what is your point? What do you mean by she has "too many names". Is Norris her maiden name? And if it is what is the big deal? Why don't you just come out and say whatever it is you are trying to say so we can all be on the same page because right now I am confused.

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State Rep. Race

Mr Johnston
Why do you keep referring to TerriLois Gregory as Ms. Norris? Are you confused as to exactly who is running for State rep? In addition to accusing her of carpetbagging are you now accusing her of identity theft? Please clarify.

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Letters to the Editor

I respectfully completely disagree with you. I am appalled at what I see this
Congress and the President doing in the areas of healthcare and in other aspects of public life. Yes, healthcare does need much reform--but what this President and Congress has forced on the American people is outrageous.

I am already seeing the affects of it. A family member of mine visited her doctor this week and was told that a routine annual test is no longer necessary annually but now can occur every 3 years. It was spun as "isn't this great"? I see it as "welcome to Obamacare" translation ---rationed health care.

I think the Tea Party is just the beginning of a movement of the masses who are sick to death of politician forcing legislation down our throats because they arrogantly assume they know better than us dumb folks out here. My criticism is of both parties. And yes, the Moran /Tiehrdt campaign was disgusting. But I am equally disgusted at Obama/Pelosi/Reid et al.

You go ahead and "love the President of the US and what he's doing for this country". I think you are nuts but that is your perogative. I, on the other hand, will actively fight it him and work towards his removal from office in 2012.

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School district budget looks to jump 7.497 mills

Does anyone come to this site anymore???? Does anyone in this town read the newspaper? Where is the outrage?

Holy smokes---a 7.47 increase? Didn't we just get a huge increase last year? Does anyone really, really think this is the end of this nightmare? And there are still those out there that think keeping MPS and VES open is a grand idea? Who are these people and are they made of money?

Please, someone, anyone please, please, please run for School board. We need a choice. These fools are going to bankrupt us all.

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City council talk turns to business park again

Nancy makes some good points. However I am assuming the possibilities for a new park involve buying additional land for a business park, not the existing park as there is no property for sale in that area. Also from my count there are 4 businesses in our current business park. You may disagree but I think 72 jobs provided by 4 businesses isn't too bad. From what I hear most of those jobs are pretty good ones. Nothing wrong with acres and acres of farm equipment when that business continues to sell that equipment and provide jobs and a tax base for the city. I would love to see more businesses just like it in town. Nancy is right that Baldwin cannot attract any kind of business but she might be surprised what might come here if we had the property available and the welcome mat extended.

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City council talk turns to business park again

with that attitude nothing would ever happen in this town. I know for a fact there are some good paying jobs with private employers right here in Baldwin--just not enough of them to go around. Baker is in the same mess all schools are in right now. the answer is private business and private investment in real jobs--not jobs funded by the taxpayer dollars (i.e. USD 348, City Hall, Douglas County etc.) real wealth is accumulated by working for private business (of course until Obama completely destroys that too). The more private business the better even if it's a "ware house" job. those jobs could very well include benefits and a decent hourly wage. also those warehouse will need some kind of management staff.
again, the lack of vision and optimism is depressing in this town.

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City council talk turns to business park again

what a broken record you are many in this town has not an ounce of vision.
I want a job here in Baldwin and I applaud anyone who is at least trying to bring them here.
Hurray for the council, the mayor and the county at least bringing this issue up again. only way this town is going to be more affordable is for people be able to live and work here. working for the school district and/or Baker ain't gonna pay the bills around here anymore.

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crosswalk light

Thank you for clearing that up. I had been curious as to why it was pulled and the explanation makes sense to me now.

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crosswalk light

Did he censor himself? Who else would remove the posts
Maybe he said something and thought better of it later on and pulled it himself.

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