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BCRC interested in old BESPC

Correct me if I am wrong but isn't the BCRC primarily funded by USD 348 mill levy?
Any chance Baker might be interested in the piece of real estate? After all it's right next door.
But I bet financial restraints are a problem for them too.

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School board eyes land donation to help with intersection upgrade

I think I remember the school district did their own traffic study and determined there wasn't enough traffic on that road to deem it necessary for them to make any improvements to the road. Of course that study was done months prior to the actual ground breaking of the school so their traffic count is essentially meaningless.

Of course, common sense said the intersection would be a problem. The county or the state should have required the school to deal with this. FYI--Lawrence Ave is a county road and not considered in the city limit.

I think it's interesting that USD 348 claims they can't contribute $$ to help solve the problem they created because it's "not on district property". Yet that intersection isn't on city property either but the city understands it's a problem and is willing to put some $$ toward solving it. I think USD 348 needs to pony up some cash too if they truly want to be a "good community partner" as Ms. Bauer claims.

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City council discusses unsafe structure, speed limits near elementary schools

I hear that the investor group may already have a couple of prospects for commercial tenents. If that is the case do you still feel the same way about this true_bulldog? I guess I don't see why you want to just tear it down if there are folks out there who are honestly trying to make it work. Please explain.

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Cat fight wakes couple before house fire

Does that make you feel better greyghost. Are you feeling all superior inside?

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Election Info and my picks

Ok--I will weigh in here. In a year where I am tempted to vote a straight "R" ticket because I am so opposed to President Obama's agenda, I am having to force myself to really think about each and candidate and evaluate if I really want to saddle some of our state candidates with the burden of being in the same party as Obama. So here is how my votes are going to breakdown:


As for our local race for representative I am completely torn. I like Tony personally but I have had some unsettling conversations with him about the role of government and his complete lack of understanding when it comes to how business is being strangled by government regulations. He says he understands, but honestly, I don't think he does. I know Tony as being a reasonable guy, just a naive one when it comes to the dollars and sense of the business community. I also have visited with TerriLois on several occasions and agree with most of her economic viewpoints and I admire her energy level. However, something just "bugs" me about her and I can't put my finger on it. Maybe its all the nasty comments about her on Speakout ...... I still haven't decided which way I am going to vote and probably won't until I get to the voting booth. I do know however if I get one more piece of trash mail from either one of these two I am going to puke.

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Zoning recommendation puzzles city council

not and true
I agree with you that most of the council doesn't have a clue what Roberts Rules of Order are but that does not make me feel any better. Yes, we are a small town but that shouldn't mean that we don't get a slate of candidates who understand just what governing is all about. Unfortunately it is my opinion that most who run in this town haven't a clue what they are getting into and have never actually participated in a meeting where "rules of order" are adhered to. There is a reason for these rules---it's to keep a meeting on track and keep it productive. If we totally ignore the rules simply because we don't know them then chaos will reign. I do agree however that all things done in moderation is the best approach. I would bet that is what happens the majority of the time in council meetings.

As for your assertion that the mayor should have appointed the vote "runner up". Please tell me where in the statutes does it say that? It may be what you think should have happened but nowhere does it say that it had to happen. the mayor was within his rights to appointment whomever he pleases. As for being a "hatchet man"--to whom has Mr. Bayer taken a hatchet and what exactly has "blown up"? This is the kind of political rhetoric that is non productive and can be harmful. (As a side note I would ask just how often do any of those civic minded "runner up" candidates show up for council meetings? You know, if they were that concerned for this community wouldn't they be there at the meetings whether they were elected or not? Just saying.)

I stand by my premise that we need good candidates for city council (and the school board for that matter). Personally I hope Mr. Bayer does run because I have taken the time to get to know him and find his intellect and problem solving abilities just what this town needs. Also, contrary to your assertion, he is highly successful in his line of work. (Yes, his small business in Baldwin didn't make it. But if that were a disqualifier there are at least a couple of other current council members who shouldn't be sitting on the council either).

Obviously you disagree and that's fine. But instead of worrying about who should not run for council why not start talking to people who you think should run? I would just hope you would encourage folks who actually have some kind of vision for this community and have actually done some research into what being an effective councilman is all about. My point was that it is not too early to start this discussion.

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Zoning recommendation puzzles city council

P.S. Before the grammar police take my task on the above post I realize I have made a few typos---I beg everyone's indulgence. However I think the point is still clear.

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Douglas County commissioners agree to help fix Baldwin City traffic hazard

For the sake of brevity please refer to my comment posted on the "Zoning Decision Puzzles Council" news article from this week. The point I make there is also valid in this case. We need to start thinking about City Council elections and encourage capable candidates to run. The inability of the Council to see the importance of this issue is a prime example of my premise laid out in that post.

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Zoning recommendation puzzles city council

I agree that very few in Baldwin even know Roberts Rules of Order but is that an excuse for not trying to at least acquaint yourself with the proper way a meeting should be held? That's like saying "gee I didn't know you aren't suppose to bas a school bus with it's lights flashing so officer please don't hold me accountable for my actions".

Some kind of order and decorum needs to take place in a meeting of governing bodies. The standard that has been adopted all over the USA is Roberts Rules of Order. So if Councilman Brecheisen doesn't adhere to the rules of order who is really at fault here? The councilman pointing out the error or the councilman who is ignorant of the rules????

Seems to me this is a perfect example of why as a city we all need to spend more time choosing our elected representatives. In this day and age of strained budgets and anti-tax sentiments it is more and more important we elect representatives to our council who have some iota of creativity and ability to think outside the box. We desperately need problem solvers not just people who say "no" but don't offer up resasonable alternatives. These council elections have got to stop just being a throwback to junior high popularity contests where the guy/gal with the most popular (i.e. familiar ) name wins because some of the better candidates were too afraid to throw their name into the hat.

Because "elections" are on everyone's mind right now I would encourage everyone to strongly start thinking about this Spring's City Council elections. I believe 2, if not 3, of the present council members are up for re-election. I have no idea of any of these people will run again. However, I do know that if they do decide to run I would like to see some healthy competition and some real debate in the arena of ideas put out there for the public to digest.

So I challenge all who read this to start thinking about who you would like to see on the City Council. Why not encourage that neighbor, that friend, that co-worker, that member of your church who you think can make a difference to step up to the plate and actually run for Council? Heck, that person might be you or your spouse. Whoever it is it is long past time that council members in this town get more attention paid to their abilities and less to the amount of time they have lived in Baldwin City.

I'll start the process: I have no idea who TheOnlyGreyghost is in "real life" but I like the way he/she frames an argument and defends his/her position. I don't agree with him/her on everything but that's ok--I respect his/her thought process and intelligence. Don't even know if this person even lives in the city limits however, someone like that would make an admirable and worthy candidate for city council. Our town needs and deserves the best and the brightest. Think about it.

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Douglas County commissioners agree to help fix Baldwin City traffic hazard

Yes, USD 348 should have to participate. Absolutely--but if the deadline is November 1st that will never happen . I say that the city should go ahead with this even though it's technically not in the city limits but good grief--isn't it close enought that it affects almost every single person in west Baldwin? Has anyone seen just how much traffic goes down that road? This is money well spent. Hold USD 348 accountable later on down the line for more work that needs to be done on this intersection but don't just say "no" because you are keeping score with who is paying for what. This is important. Ted---I know you hate to break lose with the bucks but this time you really should think more long term than just the next couple of months.

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