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Kansas Belle on track for Baldwin City opening

I agree with 1776. I welcome this new business and the jobs they are bringing to Baldwin. I commend the entrepreneurial spirit and I personally look forward to having a wonderful evening aboard the Kansas Belle ---hopefully this holiday season. YOu are a welcome addition to our community. I also want to thank Mr. Eveland for sprucing up one of the ugliest buildings on the highway (old Cool Cat liquor store). Again, welcome to Baldwin City and I wish you the best of luck! mr. E, please stop reading at this point. a side note to hyper, happypill and all the other naysayers that infest Baldwin city here's a newsflash for you: You folks are not the target market for this business. Nope. If any business in Baldwin had to soley depend on the citizens of BC to make it they would fold. I could list a dozen of them that have folded if you need examples. This dinner train is targeting KC and the JOCO area who have a wealth (pun intended) of folks who are more than willing and able to spend $60 bucks for an evening's entertainment...AND they are willing to drive a bit of distance to do it. Ask Stony Point Hall or Dunn's Landing where the bulk of their business is coming ain't Baldwin City.You all should be doing cartwheels that we can get some of JOCO bucks into our little berg instead of poo-pooing and idea and a business that is taking a risk and making an effort. Shame on all of you.

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Ira Schreiber, a member of the Kansas Belle Dinner Train ownership team, climbs down Monday from the

I agree with 1776 . I welcome this new business in Baldwin and am very glad they are here. I also have a news flash for the naysayers in this town including guys are not their target market. If any business had to rely solely on the support of the Baldwin City community they wouldn't last a month. Sorry but the truth hurts.

They are instead focusing on a wealth of folks in the KC and JOCO area that have lots of disposable income and are willing to drive a few miles for a unique experience. Ask the folks at Stony Point or Dunns Landing where most of their business is coming from..... It isn't Baldwin!

I for one am going to welcome this new business to town and welcome the jobs they bring with them. Also a big thank you for sprucing up one of the ugliest businesses on the highway and making it presentable. ( old Cool Cat bldg)

I can't wait to have dinner on this train. $ 60 bucks? Reasonable when you think how much folks drop on beer or smokes in a given week. It's all in how you set your priorities.

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Council approves extension of Lawrence water contract

Agreed. Holding back for unforeseen expenses is the prudent thing to do but a little reduction would be nice. However the fact that we won't be facing more of those double digit increases is in itself something to celebrate.

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City to help make Festival of Lights more festive

What's wrong with a little community spirit? Helping make downtown a little more festive might help nudge folks in town to spend a little more money in the area. And even if it doesn't it might just help put a smile on peoples' faces. Heavens knows we could all use a little holiday cheer about now. I am glad it's going to happen.

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Utility bills

Blogger---I have no beef with your past support of the Bond issue--not sure what that has to do with this discussion anyway---- I just honestly don't know what you want us to do about high utitlity bills. High energy costs are something that we are going to have to live with. Do you honestly think we here in Baldwin are the only ones dealing with this problem? Energy costs are soaring everywhere. What exactly do you think is a "fair" amount?

You asked what we are to do about it and my response is do what you can to control your own usage. I am not sure what else you had in mind. Do we shake our fists at the sun or is what you really want us to do is start villifing our city leaders because you blame them for your high utility bills?

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Utility bills

What exactly do want us to do about this?

It's hotter than heck and unless you are willing to live without a/c your bills are going to go up. yes, Rates are high but energy costs are sky rocketing everywhere, not just Baldwin. I am afraid high utility costs are a fact of life in the early part of the 21st century and we better figure out a way to live with it. Personally I am just grateful the power is on and we aren't having rolling brownouts like we did about a decade ago in the middle of another hot Kansas summer. As long as the power and the a/c stay on I am not going to gripe too much. I still have control over my thermostat.

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Letter to the editor

If what Mr. Gammage says is true then that would make the bulk of the candidates liars as almost all of them, with the exception of Mr. Dillon, stated that the decision to close Marion Springs and Vinland was a done deal and we need to move on. Let's hope that there is no hidden agenda amongst our neighbors who have offered themselves up for election to a thankless job. I just don't see those kind of conspiracies going on in the district.

I am unsure what Mr. Gammage is implying when he states that a local business man has "assembled a slate of candidates". The inference is that there is something wrong with a local business owner encouraging others to run for public office. Unless this local business owner is doing something unethical like paying the candidates to run (which of course is ludicrous) then I see nothing wrong with that kind of involvement by a taxpayer who has an opinion and a financial stake (taxes) in the game. Frankly, if all people would show a little less apathy and a little more interest in the process we'd be a better community.

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City council forum answers: Jason Mock

Nice job Jason in the candidate forum last Tuesday night. Nice to see young people take an interest in their local government. I think this time you may get yourself elected. Good luck.

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Baldwin City's sales tax collections up, down in 2010

A library expansion would be a great thing for Baldwin if and when the funds are available. I have no problem with the city council discussing this possibility since that is why I voted for the sales tax increase in the first place. Please note I said "discussing the possibility"...discussion is an intregal part of planning for an event. I am all for discussion and planning for when the economic time is right. Obviously that time is not now and I am sure the city leaders know this.

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Five candidates file Tuesday morning for city council, school board elections

I'd like to start hearing from all candidates now that the slate is in. why are you running? what can you bring to the table? why should I vote for you? what would you like to change about the current council/school board?

And please, I could care less how long you have lived in Baldwin so please don't make that part of your stump speeches. I see some familiar names from past elections. Glad to see that losing an election or two hasn't deterred those interested in public service from running again.

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