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Baldwin falls in Top Gun

"in the second-round the Wellsville Top Gun Tournament."

"With the loss the Bulldogs (11-0)"

"Baldwin had just one field goal in the first quarter, a 3-pointer by sophomore Katie Jones."

"Baldwin only managed one field goal in the first quarter, a 3-point basket from junior Katie Jones."

"Anna Deegan, who scored on a couple of nice inside baskets in the fourth quarter, leading the team with six points."

We need Jimmy Gillispie back.

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I would be mad too if appliances that were intended for others were stolen from my curb. That is wrong and should be stopped/punished.

But, as long as the scrappers/recyclers/scavengers are NOT leaving more of a mess than was already there why not reduce the amount of "trash" going to our landfills.

Should there be a "recycling" ordinance? I wonder what policies most major cities have concerning recycling.

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What is your favorite Christmas movie?

I guess I should note that I voted for "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation", although "A Christmas Story", "Elf", and "The Polar Express" are high on my list too.

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What is your favorite Christmas movie?

-Die Hard 1 and 2
-Bad Santa(could do without the foul language though)
-Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - I hope "all of the other reindeer" are hanging on somebody's wall, they were mean
-Frosty the Snowman
-The Polar Express

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Bulldog Days bounces back with return of free workouts

whoops, found the typo, meant to say thanks to the McCrary's! Probably have to do extra stairs for forgiveness!

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Bulldog Days bounces back with return of free workouts

I had a great time participating in "Dog Days" this summer, even went enough times to receive a t-shirt. The workouts were challenging but you could go at your own pace. Can't Wait for next summer - going for Mighty Dog status! Thanks to the McCray's, BCRC, and Baker University!

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Mediacom has done it again !

I have always paid a rental fee for my modem.
However, I am still waiting for my cable line to the house to be buried again. When I built my house in '01 I waited over 5 years to get it buried. When it was finally done, the independent contractor hit the siding on my house, for which I was given a calling card (gee thanks, who uses a calling card anymore?) Then, it turns out the line was nicked so when it rained I would lose service until it dried out. So, they came out to replace it and still haven't buried it .

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when was the last time a tornado hit Baldwin City?

Another close call happened while I was going to Baker in the early 90's, one touched down just east of the 59/56 junction. You can still see the "break" in the tree line.

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What's your favorite activity to do in snow?

I like building snow sculptures.

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