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Wagner praises city employees as he leaves office

With regards to Resigning Mayor Ken Wagner's statement; "A lot of people were scared when I got elected because they thought I was going to fire everybody,” he said. “But I’m wise enough to know the value of good employees.” First, I have stated in prior post not always agreeing with Mayor Wagner's positions of course is normal. Let it be noted that anytime a change comes to any large entity those serving under new management are always in fear of losing their jobs. If those in their positions now are doing the job and not wasting time management or finances do they have anything to worry about when a change approaches? No!

However, I do disagree with Mayor Wagner with his decision to extend City Administrator Chris Lowe's term and pay increase! This should not have been done! No consideration was given to the other employees of the City and I find the jobs they do equally important if not more so. Our city Officers do a great job, did they receive any increase in pay or job protection? What about the City Clerks office?

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City Hall transition

Congratulations to the new elected candidates! Thank you, for those of you who served our City. To our out going Mayor we wish you and your family the very best.

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Do you attend Baker University sporting or cultural events?

I voted no and it said it was not valid too!

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Wagner opts not to seek re-election as Baldwin City mayor

Mr. 1776 Attorney:

In reference to your quote:
"It is discouraging that we are not seeing some good quality candidates signing up for the upcoming election. There are many educated, experienced and qualified people who should help guide this city while protecting and highlighting our history and heritage. We need moderate, smart, and visionary people."

I respectfully disagree with this statement. One Mayoral Candidate already has a proven record within this community. Honestly, when I heard our only options would be two members of the current city council I had concerns (yet applaud them for their desires to do so). However, when a name from the past was introduced again Marilyn Pearse - then and only then did I feel relief!

If you do not know about Marilyn Pearse do your research or call her and talk with her personally and get to know her firsthand on the issues that concern you. My wife and I have called her about concerns regarding Baldwin in the past. Talk with those who served on the prior city council with her. (No not all issues went the direction we had hoped - but a vote was taken)

For us we feel Ms. Pearse has the ability to create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision and relentlessly drive it to completion. In our opinion she is a person of integrity, will be a magnanimous mayor, she is assertive and has a great sense of humor.

We look forward to debates between her and the other candidates!

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Mayoral opening draws interest

Thank you, Mayor Wagner for your years of service. Though I have not always agreed with you and your prior/present councils decisions you served the City of Baldwin with respect. We wish you and your family well.

We can only hope the next Mayor will lead our great City in a forward direction with "MORALS and ETHICS" as you so did.

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