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Student arrested for bringing loaded gun to BHS

Having been through the Baldwin School District fairly recently (1997 - 2007) I have to say that this has been building for years. As above has stated, it's the parents of the children involved and the children themselves that cause the problems. As early as third grade I remember seeing sexual harassment and violent bullying on the playground. I've seen middle schoolers create a cult-like club where it is cool to cut yourself as long as it makes a cute design. Classmates sneak in drugs and alcohol as early as freshman year, guns are kept in the trunks of cars to show off before or after school. Relentless tormenting of one group of students by another, on school grounds and off. While not all of the student body is active, with a school district this small, all students see it. This has been a problem for much longer than some choose to believe, so newcomers aren't to blame.

The answer is at the elementary level--maybe a few bad seeds that have been dealt too many bad cards to really recover without more specialized care, but the majority of kids just need to learn their morals early. At home and in school, proper interaction can be taught. However, Baldwin is full of lazy parents...we'll see if change really happens.

Sarah Bezek

November 27, 2009 at 11:07 p.m. ( | suggest removal )