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State informs Baldwin City of need to conserve water with drought

Definitely need to get my rain barrels in operation and put together a drip system.

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I think someone tried to steal plants out of our yard last night.

With an internet connected wifi router you can monitor the cams from a cell phone. No monthly fees from monitoring companies. I use tinycammonitor pro on an android with foscam pannable cams. It can even alert your phone with motion detection and will record.

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I think someone tried to steal plants out of our yard last night.

Wifi cameras, irrefutable evidence if you have them on video.

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TerriLois Gregory's Ethics Charges

Even more disturbing is knowing that Sam Brownbutt's staff sits around monitoring Faceborg and Twitts. What a colossal waste of resources. What a extreme paranoia!

Hey Sam, there's a little thing called the First Amendment, and you suck.

And TerriLois, please don't disturb me on my birthday next year. It would be nice if you would respect our number being on the DO NOT CALL LIST. I enjoy calls from family and friends but not creepy-assed calls from disliked political hacks.

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TerriLois Gregory's Ethics Charges

I find it particularly disturbing to have TerriLois calling our phone(which is on the DO NOT CALL list) and wishing me happy birthday. She apparently also left a message during business hours on my wife's birthday. We don't know her from Adam, didn't vote for her and frankly think she should be doing the job she was elected for of responsibly helping run state government.
Must be part of Kobach's vanguard testing access to voter registrations and personal information records. I thought the repugnicans were about getting government OUT of your personal business!

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Yes, he's known in local circles as the Great Usurper of Nom de Plumes.

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3. Camping is allowed only in designated areas and is subject to restrictions as posted. All campers and camping units are limited to a stay of not more than 14 consecutive days although a 14-day extension may be obtained with written permission from the park manager. A five-day absence is required before returning to the park to camp again. Any property left unused or unoccupied for 48 hours is subject to removal.

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alternative to Mediacom?

Centurylink has four speed tiers of dsl service, 768k,1.5M, 3.0M and 10.0M. What is anyone using and as arcocelli asks is it fast enough to stream video? Also, what is the cost?

We have a bare Centurylink phone line that I would like to have caller ID on so bundled with 10.0M internet and Direct TV would be nice at the right price. Mediacon is up to nearly $120 with bottom tier tv service and shared bandwidth w/ Baker students internet, phone w/ Centurylink another $30.

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City changing traffic controls, speed limits near old BESPC

You don't understand the idiom "might as well"?

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What's your favorite activity to do in snow?

Double black diamond runs.

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