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Bond Issue - USD 348

"5 dollars a week is a STEAL":.???

I will start by saying I'm not an expert on complex bond issues, however I can do simple math.

For the Distinct Privilege of living in Baldwin City, I currently pay $3,200.00 per year in Property Taxes, $1,300.00 dollars per year for Property Insurance, and $3,000.00 + per year on Utilities.

Keep in mind, I haven't Bought Food, Gas, Made a Mortgage Payment, Car Payment, and don't even mention the word Entertainment as this is now all but Non-Existent.

Let's not forget that Baldwin also has a large elderly population. Even $20.00 dollars a month can be devastating to households on a fixed income.

I can understand the need for upgraded or remodeled classroom facilities, but I fail to see how a new Auditorium or Ball Field will increase test scores.

My opinion for what it's worth is simply this::.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We have to draw a line in the sand, and say this is it, we will make due with what we have. Debt, regardless of type is not a good thing. It's time to stop spending money like Drunk Congressmen. We are NOT the Government. We are however Citizens of Baldwin City, and we must be able to live within our already stretched budgets, or suffer more Foreclosures, and Bankruptcies.


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