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Baldwin City Council approves 2014 budget

Ok, but you still didn't answer my question. If you were actually at the meeting, why didn't you make these same comments to the council before they voted on the 2014 budget? Isn't that the whole purpose of the public comments venue?

When you make comments like this, and then admit to attending the meeting and NOT saying anything, it makes you look like just another one of the so called "unhappy majority" that chooses to hide behind the veil of this nameless, faceless forum and sling mud at the elected officials.

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Baldwin City Council approves 2014 budget

"No one spoke at the public hearing Monday before the Baldwin City Council approved the city’s 2014 budget".

So 1776, if you feel so strongly about these issues, why didn't you go to the meeting and say something?

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Letters to the Editor

And there’s Blogger……Right on cue. Skipping down the path singing… "Sunshine Lollypops and Rainbows Everything is Wonderful".

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District feels budget-cut pinch again

Point taken Gazoo, and your statement is correct. I contend that the School Board AND Supt. Dorathy should have seen this coming. Many people including myself tried to get this point across a year ago when we voted on the bond issue. I am not a professional accountant, and do not have the business background that most of the school board members do, but I did have the common sense to realize that we were in the beginning stages of a recession.

“The bad thing is I don’t think we’re done yet,” said Dorathy. “I think it’s going to get deeper and deeper. It’s going to ultimately change education in Baldwin City significantly.”

Where was all this wisdom and foresight a year ago? All the new schools, ball fields, and auditoriums make no difference without staff to teach, coach, and maintain them.

I’ve stood on the soapbox long enough. My heart goes out to the school staff members who will shortly be unemployed. Happy Holidays, and the Best of Luck to you.

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District feels budget-cut pinch again

What a nice gift from the School District one week before Christmas. Maybe the displaced school staff can get a job helping to build that wonderful investment on the edge of town.

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Keep an eye on your cats!!

Is Terry McKinney back in town......??

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School district budget jumps 9.5 mills for 2009-2010

“The only place we’ve increased the budget was in at-risk, which is free lunch students. There was a pretty significant increase from the beginning of the year and May, so we bumped that up another 20 kids.”

Another 20 kids this year........Well you'd better plan for more next year. People are being taxed to the point of not even being able to provide lunch money for their kids. Here's a great idea....let's raise the mill levy right in the midst of a recession. At least the County recognizes the economic downturn we are in, and here comes the school district (right on cue) and raises the mill levy to make up for it.

I totally agree with the infinite wisdom of "pissedoff" and one of his other posts.........Horse Sh_t!!!!!!!!!!

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City mill levy to go down slightly, but electric rates could soar

Couldn't agree more mommie2boggie. You can tell your kids the same thing as you drop them off at the new school you probably voted for.

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Cocerned about spending!

I voted against the school bond issue as well, and given the current state of the local and national economy, I am absolutely positive it was the correct choice.

In my opinion, the logic used to pass this bond was flawed. We were sold a bill of goods based on fear. Fear that if we didn’t build this new school, ball fields and auditorium now while interest rates were low, it would cost us much more to build the same square footage later on. Well SO WHAT!! How about this form of logic…..We can’t afford it because we still have outstanding debt, and until that debt is paid, we have to use what we have. Today’s society has forgotten that ancient word “NO”. We have to move past the “We deserve to have it right now no matter what” attitude.

Assuming they have already gone out and bonded all or part of the money, at least have the common sense to scale back the project. I would have much more respect for the board members if they were to admit it was a mistake to bite off such a large chunk of debt, and reevaluate the project.

Next year it will be State funding cut backs, and another round of mill levy increases to keep the busses rolling and the school lunch program afloat. I can’t understand why some people seem to just follow the heard and pretend that a national recession doesn’t affect Baldwin City. Take a good long look around folks…..Just yesterday Baker University had to lay off 23 employees. Our children and grandchildren will be dealing with the debt of our generation long after we are gone.

Just my opinion


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Bond Issue - USD 348

I'm sorry bloggerboo, but I believe we are going to have to agree to disagree. I have attended many Band and Choir performances at the Jr High auditorium, and found it to be very accommodating. Another option would be to hold such events at the Baker University auditorium.
I am certainly not against pro-active planning, but I do have a problem spending the money of our children and grandchildren. This proposed bond should it pass, combined with existing and future municipal bonds which will start coming due in 2009 is debt that they will be paying for long after we are gone.
It seems to me that somewhere along the way, we as a society have lost our way financially. We now believe that we "deserve" to have it today, and worry about paying for it tomorrow. I think a good dose of grandma's logic is necessary here. For example, If I want to purchase a new car, I don't go into debt to do it. I wait and save until I can pay cash. If the School District had no debt or outstanding bonds, it would be different conversation. I believe they need to scale back the project, or wait until the current bonds are paid in full.
Going into more debt is not the answer. The borrower is always slave to the lender.
I certainly understand and respect the fact that you are very passionate about this issue bloggerboo. Like I said before, just giving my opinion.

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