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Harris, Chapman, Christie, Wedel win Baldwin City School Board positions

Did anyone tell them there was an election? Maybe they stayed home.

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Worthless sentiments listed here. So many want to just bitch without a constructive bone in 'em.

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alternative to Mediacom?

CenturyLink has been solid. I will never go back to Mediacom.

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Has TerriLois pulled a gun on anyone yet?

I hope the events of yesterday show why those in attendance at the faux-debate dropped their jaws when MyLittlePony uttered those dumb-as-a-bag-of-hammers remark. She has all the social graces of a pair of rusty scissors, and I doubt she will get a damned thing done in Topeka. Good news for her, though, she never did have to move to Douglas County for real.

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Gregory prevails in 10th District House race

Well, win or lose, we won't be seeing her around town anymore.

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White House welcoming BHS design team champions

That is tremendous. Something these students will remember for the rest of their lives. I am envious!

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Brown, Gregory to debate issues at community forum Oct. 13

I want to know who "The Kansas Chamber Political Action Committee" is. More lying BS showed up in the mail today pushing TerriLouise... but without anything other than just bashing Tony. What has Tony done that was so bad? What will Terri do besides vote the (tea)party line?

What is she going to do if she's elected and has to work with people who don't agree with her? Is she going to be petulant the way she was in the debate? Does she have "people skills"? I did not see them. Something tells me if she loses this election, she won't be living in this district long. Just too weird to have someone who has been a very active member of this community for as long as Tony has challenged by a relative question mark. If she's not a tea-party carpet-bagger, please let me know how I've miscalculated.

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Brown, Gregory to debate issues at community forum Oct. 13

Well, nobody's yet accused you of being intelligent.

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White House welcoming BHS design team champions

Have you no decency, sir?

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Brown, Gregory to debate issues at community forum Oct. 13

Whoa. I wish everyone who is on this little dialog could have been there tonight. Tony was genuine in his answers. TerriLouise seemed to be delivering a middle school civics report... reading from prepared notes, in fact. She said, referring to the federal government, "we are under attack; it's time to lock and load." For reals?! She wants less government. But can someone tell me what less government even means? I like roads. I like schools. I like those things in my life that I would not be able to provide myself without the degree of socialism that is in our blend of government. (Yes, Virginia, we have had a somewhat-socialist government since Day One -- it is not an Obama invention.) Anyhooo... was cringe-worthy, and you all were sorely missed. Unless you were there, and I just didn't recognize you. Oh, and by the way, Tony did not call her out on her residence. He was more civil than he needed to be. She, on the other hand, accused him of lying and held up the flyer (from Kansas Democrats -- not Tony, specifically) that was in the mail today claiming she would raise property taxes. I'm not sure how that's a lie, when in the first minutes of the debate, she said as much that property taxes would have to be raised to fund schools when the state was no longer on the hook for doing so. At least she didn't dispute this argument.

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