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We could EASILY save a couple hundred thousand dollars by getting rid of all sorts of things and by NOT having to close any schools at all. Starting with sports. It is the job of educators to educate, meaning to teach children basic math, reading, science, geography, history. However, these things are not being taught, or at least not up to par in the average high school because the emphasis is on passing so you can still play in the big game, not in learning the actual curriculum. If we got rid of cheerleading, football, tennis, track, soccer, ANY sport at all and that would save money then that should be put first over cutting a school and teaching jobs. If parents are so bent on their kids playing sports they can send them to Lawrence or into a special league. That's what happens up until junior high anyway. At the very least the system could cut out sports of the junior high and keep things in a local league and then continue sports in high school. OR make the teams try out teams to that only the kids who are actually any good get to play. Kids who don't have skills and who don't have a chance of getting scholarships just take up money anyway. This would also help kids get motivated and have a work ethic about something if they strongly desired to play on a team they had to try out for then they'd work harder at it.

The point is education is being put last and that is wrong. It is absolutely laughable that we are building new auditoriums and new school buildings and new tracks when we can't afford to keep the heat on during winter for the school buildings we already have. The rural schools are making sacrifices so that the town schools can keep their sports, but it shouldn't be a one way street.

If kids are bad, don't give'em detention, keep them after school and make them clean off dry erase boards, or sweep the halls. For earth day the students are taken out of class and sent outside to plant a tree or weed a garden or pick up trash. Why just on earth day? Go ahead and use it as a punishment too and then there'd be money saved on late night janitor cleanup.

There are multiple ways to save money without closing any schools.

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