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Baldwin School District voters give nod to bond issue

I would like to add my congratulations on passage of the school bond issue. Although the economic times are difficult, I believe this is a plan to help our children prepare for the future - theirs and ours. I know there are many who opposed it, but it seemed that it was better to bite the bullet now and be proactive instead of reactive on school needs. Perhaps, when the real estate market rebounds (as it will - it always has) this will make our town an attractive option for new residents and businesses.

Sandy Cardens
P.S. In case you missed it, I didn't write the comments on the earlier blog attributed to bcsandyc. Some pond scum did it and in doing so, not only tarnished my reputation, but also the Lumberyard Arts Center. Now, whoever you are, you can go back to the basement and giggle - if you get your jollies being deceitful, cowardly and hurtful to people who try to help the community.

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Time for $22.9 million vote

The person who highjacked my identity as bcsandyc is despicable. I did not write anything on this and didn't know about it until a friend of mine let me know. I understand someone did the same thing to Greyghost. Unbelievable.

This is pure B.S. I voted an absentee ballot before I left town ten days or so ago and I did vote for the school bond issue.

Sandy Cardens

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